Key points to know before integrating the payment gateway into your application


The world of mobile shopping is moving fast, with people ready to digitize almost everything they do. Taking into account all of these state-of-the-art facilities, such as car rental, taxi attractions, Wi-Fi access, accommodation or simpler things, such as food and clothing, mobile payments have become An inevitable part of human lives.

The integration of a well-built payment gateway to mobile applications is one of the most intimidating tasks for both developers and online merchants. Proper integration of mobile payments is very important to offer an easy and convenient way to make payments to buyers. Often buyers end up changing their opinion due to confrontational issues while they make the latest payment. Given this, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when integrating a payment gateway into your application.

Analytics and statistics

Sometimes the manipulation of payment gateways can be really messy. While handling the payment information of several online buyers, you may end up making serious mistakes. To keep everything in mind, you must prepare reports, statistics and constant analysis to make sure you follow the plan efficiently.

Think about the alternatives

It is important to offer your users a wide range of payment options that you can. Some may prefer to work with PayPal. On the contrary, some would like to use debit or credit cards or choose the option to ship in the account. To cater to a broad spectrum of users, you must make sure that the application supports several payment modes.

Security check

Is your PCI-DSS payment gateway certified? The PCI data security rules are one of the best options, considering the task of maximizing the security of the data of the owners. To make your mobile application reliable and improve user safety, it is important to take into account the best industry security practices.

Make it simple and fast

Everyone looks for a fast and easy payment process. Therefore, you must consider these crucial qualities by integrating a payment gateway to your application. Before choosing any of them, you can investigate the features that, giving you an easy and fast payment mode for the users.

Cost structure

There are a number of cost structures available on the market these days as one time, periodical or per transaction. Therefore, you should think prudently and choose an affordable option that will lead to great results in the long run. In addition, it is important that you choose an effective cost structure for your application that will not interfere with its quality.

Final word

It is important to make sure that quality is the main consideration when integrating a payment gateway. Committing to its quality can end up disagreeing with users, away from your application.


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