All about the security software checkpoint


Check Point software offers security solutions designed to discuss the needs of small businesses of all sizes. Check Point has firewall protection, secure remote access capabilities, flexible network configuration, and comprehensive security services delivered transparently. It is important to obtain a renewal of the checkpoint to continue this protection.

GAIA is the new unified security unified operating system with security for all Check Point devices, open servers and lifetime gateways. They are presented on preinstalled hardware devices with software sheets essential to produce a complete and turnkey security gateway solution.

Checkpoint Security Gateway software sheets are independent and flexible security modules. They unite to create a custom protection gateway solution. Virtualization Security offers complete security solutions in virtual environments and for them.

The management of security and protection of multiple domains offers more protection and control by segmenting the management of protection in various virtual domains. Companies of all sizes can create virtual domains based on geography, business unit or security function to enhance security and simplify management.

Multi-Domain software provides simplified security management and provision in complex environments. Increase flexibility with roles-based granular administration and centralize protection management while preserving domains. It also segments the management of security according to the site, the business unit and the security function.

Multi-Domain has stronger protection with consistent global policies. There is only one configuration for VPN, firewall, IPS and other protections. Users can create, view and control all management domains from a single console. The Global Policy Software Blade program has strengthened the common protection base in all domains.

Multi-Domain easily integrates with the Blade Software's Check Point architecture. Users can activate the management of multiple domains on any management server, taking advantage of the transition to multi-domain from Software Blade.

Control points control software for simplified dotted points simplified the management of the end point security unifying all endpoint security capabilities for PC and Mac in a single console. Users can check, manage, educate and apply a policy from an on-screen dashboard to the details of the user and the machine with a few clicks.

This software has a simple policy language that focuses on business processes. It is a complete and immediate protection with preconfigured and customizable policies. It also easily integrates into the Check Point software sheets architecture for a la carte protection.

Check Point provides security services to allow broadband users to enjoy protection expertise without the need for internal skills. There are several security services and different packages with. This includes antivirus by email, autism, web filtering, dynamic DNS, reports and much more. This gives users the utmost tranquility.

The basic support plan means that users receive security and firmware updates. It also includes support via email, web and chat, extended hardware warranty with advanced replacement, monthly protection reports and dynamic DNS.

Users receive Gateway anti-virus updates, Gateway Authentication updates, URL filtering according to website class classification, protection and firmware updates, email support, web and chat, extended hardware warranty with advanced replacement , monthly protection reports and dynamic DNS.

An update of the Power Pack adds some features to the application. This includes quick access service to the secure site, additional remote access users and site-to-site tunnels, advanced traffic settings, automatic failure support and dynamic routing support.


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