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Searching for ways to make money online often causes a lot of rubbish, such as receiving payments to read emails or complete surveys; or pay money to buy useless e-books and courses for this magic formula. You should ignore all these "easy ways to make money online" meaningless. Remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

So how do you build a company and earn money? Basically there are three ways: Affiliate marketing, sale of your own product or offer of a service. I go through these options so that you can choose the one that suits you best.


If you do not have a product to sell or a service that offers affiliate marketing is a good place to start. The general idea of ​​affiliate marketing is that you promote the product of other people and that person (the seller) pays you a commission. The provider will provide you with a website that you can promote and that is commonly known as a "gateway" page. In this way, the seller knows what collaboration the sale has, since they can track which "gateway" passed through the order. The provider is responsible for processing and delivering orders while focusing only on the promotion of its gateway page.

Search for "affiliate companies" with Google and scan the lists for anything that says "higher paying affiliate programs" or something similar. Find products that you believe you can offer to your website or blog. Some companies offer different sized banners that you can put on your website and that could cause a sale if one of your visitors clicks the banner and makes a purchase. See what the product is and offer a lot of commission.

Note: Some companies offer a "network marketing option that is often referred to as the Pyramid Scheme. I do not suggest that these companies are avoided, but I suggest you be very careful, especially if they ask for a membership fee. You are sure about a company. I recommend that you enter a search term such as ((called the name of the company) "and see what the public is saying about the company to promote it, be sure to read it possible maximum of other people.


Your own product could be something that has been created as a book or software. You can get a good income if you can write or program. Information marketing is very popular, since people usually look for how to do something. Maybe you can make luxury jewels and you want to teach them to do it. If you have good knowledge about something or skill, you can share it with the world through an e-book. Amazon allows you to send them your book and offer them for sale on their websites.

Basically, anything you can create for yourself can be sold online through yourself or through a retailer who is willing to store the product for you. I remember having sold games I programmed to the Atari ST through PD libraries as Licenceware where I paid a commission. Of course, the product should not be something you've done. You can buy and sell items through Eva and Amazon. There are wholesalers that offer bulk products that you can sell on the market or in a car boot sale. You can also choose cheap things from car boot sales and get benefits.

Everyone likes to eat, so if you can cook or cook you can sell food. Of course, you will have to make sure you have the necessary health and hygiene certificates before you begin. Only the other day I was looking for halal pies and the two places I found were wholesalers who required me to buy pallets of pies. Well, I no longer have a large freezer or refrigerator, this does not. Therefore, an idea could be to buy them directly from the supplier and sell them to the market, or in small qualities to local people if you have a car or van.

The general idea is to offer products that people like. There was a story of a Muslim woman who liked eating dishes already made. However, there was no halal version, so it started a business with the sale of halal ready meals. With Islam officially, the growing religion in the world could have a good market for halal foods. After all, there are many people who are limited to local food and may want to eat other meat products that are not sliced ​​or curry. Another of the popular trends at this time is the retro game. The younger generation is interested in old computer games.


Do you have a skill that could be offered to people? Maybe you can repair computers or cars. Maybe you're good at gardening. Maybe you can offer tailor made furniture? If you are a hand with a tool or when painting and decorating, it is something that you can turn into in a profitable business. Create a website, print some cards and spread the word in your community. Publish your services to your advertising and make sure your prices are competitive in your area. Think of your talents and how you can use them to make money.


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