LCD TV comments


Despite the new brands available in 2005, LCD TVs remain the favorites of critics and the public. The TV line of Sharp ATV is especially applauded for its image quality. The original Aquos is the Sharp-LC32GD4U, it is a 32-inch television, which is known to produce the best black representation of all brands. It is available in other versions, such as the 45-inch Sharp-LC45GD5U and the 37-inch Sharp-LC37GD4U. Sharp also produces cheap versions of your TV in smaller sizes. They do not have excellent comments, but they are still better than other brands on the shelves. The panoramic version of Sharp is followed closely by Sony Vega KDL-32XBR950. The race between the two has been almost in the neck.

Among the smaller-sized televisions, Philips increases. The 17-inch Philips TV, the 17-PF8946 can be used both as a TV and as a monitor. It's very cheap and it costs only $ 500 and it has features such as a built-in cable box and HD compatibility. It has an aspect ratio of less than 15: 9, but this is not a dissuasive factor, since the overall quality of the image is quite commendable. The other leaders of the race for small LCD screen televisions are the 15-inch version of Zenith L15V36 and the 17-inch MFM-HT75W of Sony.

This year, many new brands have emerged in the market. The main of them are Kreisen, Syntax and the giants of the ViewSonic and Gateway computer monitor. Among these, Kreisen has received the worst critics. The image quality of its 30-inch KR-320T version has suffered a lot of heat in almost all the reviews and have a poor black representation. The syntax is better off with its Olevia LT30HV 30-inch and Olevia LT32HV 32-inch. These televisions are under the category of economic televisions. They have a lower price to manage a place in the market niche.

ViewSonic has an easy entry to the market. It has superior image quality, but the sound quality is not a great mix. However, it has a fairly modest price and offers good value for money. The 30-inch N3000W is priced at $ 1200. The gateway works in the same way that ViewSonic does, but the main obstacle is the price factor. The 30-inch version of Gateway is priced at 1600 dollars. Both ViewSonic and Gateway are underneath the couple when it comes to detailing the background and performing dark scenes, but can be considered teething problems. Both companies have the potential to improve their failures with future versions.


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