What is the difference between the satellite phone and the mobile phone?


Mobile phones and mobile phones are wireless devices. They almost seem the same. But the way of working is totally different. The working method with cell phones is based on cells. That's why it's called mobile phones. All network area is divided into small areas. And in each zone an antenna is installed. They are also called towers. When a mobile phone moves, it continues to insert a cell to another. When you cross the edge of a cell, the phone sends a signal to the MTSO (Mobile Telephone Switching Office). With the control channel help, the MTSO database is moved to the phone in a new cell or area. The MTSO and the public switched telephone network (PSTN) are coordinated to manage cellular phone calls.

On the contrary, satellite phones use LEO satellites (Low Earth Orbiting). With the activation of the telephone by satellite, a signal approaches any number of satellites of a group with which the telephone is registered. When a person makes a call from the telephone, the signal moves to the nearest by the satellite in orbit. The satellite connects to the gateway or the ground station. Next, the gateway brings the call to the destination. The call can be directed to the fixed line, the mobile phone or the PSTN. Any fixed telephone, mobile phone or PSTN can also call a satellite phone. In the case of satellite phones, the gateway takes care of non-cellular calls as in the case of mobile phones. If a satellite phone calls another satellite phone, the call reaches a ground station through a satellite. Then go up to the satellite and then the call arrives to the destination phone. Thus, the gateway processes the switching of non-satellite calls.


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