IFRS: The Fraud Gateway

The accounting world is in the process of merging multiple cultures, procedures and policies into a great universal system, International Financial Reporting Standards or IFRS. The goal of this new system is to create a universal method of accounting. Some experts suspect that the new rules will ignore previous rules that prevent fraud and that fraud will be more difficult to detect.

The IFRS is a new set of accounting standards developed by the International Accounting Standards Boart, which will ultimately become the global standard for the preparation of financial statements in public companies. The purpose of this new system makes sense, especially for companies. "A company can present its financial statements in the same way as its foreign competitors, facilitating comparisons. In addition, companies with subsidiaries in countries that require or authorize IFRS can use accounting language throughout the company … benefit from the use of IFRS if they want to raise funds abroad "(AICPA). Using this new system will facilitate the accounting process because a uniform system will help in the processes of interpretation and auditing of some companies. Given that the world faces a financial crisis, many nations are willing to create "a unique set of high quality global financial information standards" (Cancino). The main problem with the new international standards, however, is compliance and audit problems. Some experts believe fraud will be rampant between foreign and national countries.

Auditors around the world have offered many arguments against the new international information system. The first issue of many auditors is the basis of current and future principles. The current system of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) is a system based on rules and principles. Potential IFRS are based only on principles. This difference will require that the management change the approach based on the fulfillment of an approach of economic value with respect to the financial information. With greater human involvement, many auditors believe that the risk of fraud and incorrect expression will increase. Another problem with the new system is the change in the revision and the adaptation of the existing accounting policies and procedures. The senior management will have to adopt a new approach based on the criterion of certain problems. For example, they will decide "the time and proportion of the income recognition, the time and the value of the recognition of the expenses based on shares … (i) the time, the value and the notification of the recognition of expenses of the benefits of employees "(Cancino). The valuation element will be an important problem for companies and consumers in the financial statements. This element will be the center of any fraud scheme that occurs after the adoption of IFRS. Companies are likely to take advantage of this decision and deceive all readers of financial statements. Some of the possible problems and schemes include "altering the valuation of the accounts receivable by not establishing adequate reserves and bonuses and recognizing the related expenses, manipulating the methods to evaluate the inventory, creating an overvaluation of inventory amounts and unit costs ; the value exists, overvaluing the value of the assets and recognizing inadequately income and expenses "(Cancino). Companies and businesses will assume the new system and will abuse them, making them commit tax frauds and other schemes of fraud that will inevitably affect their reputation.

Prevention is the key thing in many minds of senior management individuals. How would companies, with the new power to control their financial statements, manage the risk? "Not only the reporting bases will change, internal controls on financial information must also change. The old accounting methods and procedures may not be effective in the light of the new accounting bases, Be prepared to make changes to the internal controls if they want their numbers to be credible and trustworthy "(Coenen). Prevention of risk will be the most difficult problem that will be derived from the adoption of IFRS.

The world is in the middle of an accounting hurricane, since companies and organizations try to combine the accounting systems of the world in a uniform process, the standards of international financial information. Many auditors believe, even with the benefits of change, that fraud will be rampant among companies. There will be less focus on procedures that allow companies to create their own statements. Evaluation and prevention of risks will be more essential than now for inhibiting fraud. The IFRS are similar to those of glass. It is a beautiful and beautiful idea, but it can be done quickly.


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University practice: entrance to professional careers

Joining a professional practice is a great way to tutor and teach students or workers to new ways of doing a particular business. The rate of students joining professional practice has increased in recent years. This is because companies that offer more opportunities in their programs, along with universities as a gateway to opportunity. It is important to know the relevance of the practices in the present, and as you, as parents, you can help your student to do the possible practices.

What exactly is a practice?

There are many different types of practices, but not all jobs are qualified as such. They give great learning experiences for students in their specific field. Some of the work done during the practices are considered minor, but it is important to understand all aspects of the work. Some practices are available during the school year or during the summer. Some people even participate in programs after graduation.

The role of a scholarship holder is a mixture of employees and students. Practices can be paid, unpaid, can receive an academic credit or no. The overall experience is intended to help the student overcome the gap between the school and the workforce. The student and the employer work together to help create goals that configure the experience of the practices. It will help both the intern and the businessman on the same page to say so.

How can students find work placements?

The best way for students to know the potential job opportunities is through their university career office. The Career Office helps students to write presentation letters, CVs, interviews, and expectations in the workplace. Other databases of practice consultations can be found in databases of online internships and personal contacts such as family or friends. You can even check professional fairs, which are often offered on campus from time to time.

Why are professional practices so important?

Professional practices are important because they take the one that adapts to the classroom and uses it practically. On the other hand, there are many other reasons why your student may want to participate in a practice program during their university experience.

• According to the National Association of Colleges and Entrepreneurs (NACE), around 50% of business people would like to see the practices in the curriculum of a student.

• Practices can serve as a gateway to a company within the company. Again, according to a NACE survey, nearly 36% of entrepreneurs hired employees of their own internship program. According to Matthew Zinman of the Practices Institute, IBM can convert up to 50% of its scholarship holders to full-time employees.

• The practices allow a student "hearing" for a job before completing their position within the company.

• Students who carry out work placements can find gaps in their practical knowledge, which may affect the courses they take in the future. They can fill the gaps before graduating.

• The experience of obtaining professional practices can be an experience of its own. The student must write a letter of presentation and a resume, complete a request and interview for the site.

• Your student will gain experience on a particular job or field within the work force that is applied.

• Practical practices are good in a curriculum and entrepreneurs expect to see one in the curriculum.

• Students can create contacts and have an opportunity to connect themselves, which is important to find a stable job.

• Entrepreneurs prefer to hire students who have carried out professional practices to increase the retention of jobs. They know that the interns have a better understanding of their profession and know what is in the company environment.

• Your student can obtain an academic credit.

• Even if your student finds that he does not enjoy work within the practices, you will get a valuable experience. They will be able to find a work environment that is more appropriate to their work ethics.

• Students who carry out work placements are more likely to receive higher salaries when they are hired.

• Practices can be a job offer.

• Many professional practices are fun and can be excellent trusted drivers in yourselves.

As already mentioned above, the practices can be a job offer. It is not always the case; There are no guarantees in finding a job. However, the students who participate in experiences of practices or experiences of multiple practices have an advantage when looking for a job. Businesspeople are fully aware of the benefits that they have once the practices have been completed. It is important to persuade your student to do some practice at some point before finding a job.

The best approach to finding a payment carrier and a credit card service provider for your company

If you own or operate a business, you probably already know the value of accepting credit cards. To do this, you must have an excellent credit card processing account and a merchant account where you can get the best service, answers to questions and quick results. Without the right company that manages your credit card business, your own business will suffer. Most clients and customers now pay with a credit card. In order for your business to function properly, efficiently and efficiently, you need a top-quality service. You also need the best payment gateway to accept transactions online or you may suffer the reputation of your company.

Find exchange rates

In the past, the exchange prices were only for some large companies. He has come to serve the little boy today. The exchange price is simply a method to apply a standard value to the actual processing cost for any transaction your company makes. This type of price is much less expensive for your company and more transparent than the current traditional price level pricing method. If you find it difficult to find exchange prices, use your preferred search engine to look up credit card comparison sites and get quotes from multiple vendors that can help your business.

Find a rate without cancellation

If your contract involves a high cancellation fee, you will have to find another provider. These cancellation rights are no longer the norm. There are more and more commercial service providers that offer monthly accounts to stay competitive with the rest of the industry. The best providers do not have a cancellation fee associated with their contracts.

Find an expert and dedicated representative

As a merchant who tries to offer the best service in the service to your clients, you do not want to find any hope for help from the feared "next available representative" when you call. The best business accounts will have a dedicated representative who will take care of your business and will respond directly to your questions when calling for help. It would be what you expect and what you should demand from the commercial contract. Better still would be a specialist in local services that can deliver supplies, loan terminals and technical support when you need it.

Find additional value at rates and fees

As a merchant, expect the best rates and quotas for your account and the money you pay for your contract. But the good prices and quotas are not everything. You should look for things like free training, technical support, universal credit card machines and, of course, the payment gateway as part of your support. This will allow you to change your provider if necessary without the need to acquire new equipment and start from scratch. You will not have to modify your existing e-commerce website just to change the provider. This is part of this value-added service that you should expect from your provider. It is crucial to think in advance when using a credit card service provider to protect yourself and your company, as well as offer you the best service for your clients. The additional time it takes to do some research and some planning will be the payment of dividends for your business.

Mexican trips – Manzanillo – A gateway to heaven

Manzanillo is located in the state of Colima. Located in the bay of Santiago (bay of good hope), it has one of the best climates in the world, the lowest crime rate in all of Mexico, world class fishing, whale watching, bird watching, world-class golf, beautiful beaches and an opportunity. Live or vacation in a world-class community.

Manzanillo was established as a port city in 1873. Last year, it passed to Vera Cruz Mexico as the largest volume port, receiving more than one million containers of 20 feet every year. There are also plantations of banana, coconut, coffee and organic salt in the region. Manzanillo has a population of 130,000 inhabitants, but with the city distributed in two beautiful bays, it preserves the charm of the small city that makes it a magical place to spend your holidays or retire in peace and tranquility .

Manzanillo has all the needs. First class hospitals, healthcare (with a fraction of the cost of the US), affordable dentistry, bi and tri private schools, international airport, shopping centers (Wal Mart, Sorianas and others), churches, cinemas, public transport, High-speed internet, affordable living costs and much more. Americans and Canadians have been visiting this area for years. Easy lifestyle and economic life (less than 1000.00 per month) is an opportunity that asks us who we have suffered from the economic downturn in the United States. The expats we love the charm and traditions of the Mexican people. There is kindness and generosity that will make you smile. Celebrations and traditions are common and fun.

The economy of Manzanillo has been a successful case here to the south of the border. With the recent growth of the port industry, a strong middle class and an increase in foreign tourism, the city has flourished in the last three years. Real estate has risen steadily and the labor market is strong. The future seems brilliant for Manzanillo.


We see ourselves in paradise,

Jeremy Lusch

Ashtamudi: gateway to the waters of Kerala

Kerala is magnificent with its green coconut trees, its back waters and Ayurvedic massages. Kerala is known for its tobacconists. It has a network of rivers, canals and lakes that open to the Arabian Sea. Asthmatic is the second most important retreat in Kerala. The city of Kollam is located in this river

Ashtamudi means "eight armed". It is a palm-shaped body with eight arms. The lake has a length of 55 meters and is divided into eight streams. Ashtamudi is famous for its landscape views. The Kollam Boat Club offers cruise ships on the lake. You can enjoy an extraordinary journey from Kollam to Alappuzha. It is a cruise of more than eight hours to the water of Kerala.

There are some distinguished tourists to visit:


It is 5 km from the village. This site has historical importance and is known for its famous lighthouse. The lighthouse is high as a protector, because the sea is aware of the waves in Thagasseri. Visitors can visit the site from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Mayyand is famous for its chapels and temples. It is 10 km from the city. The temple of Subramanya, in Umayanallor, is the most important among the nine temples of this place.

Matha Amirthanandamayi Ashram, Vallikavu:

Ashram is located in Amirthapuri near Vallikavu. Vallikavu is a pilgrimage center near Kayakulam. Special bonuses can be rented. There are frequent buses available from Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram to Kayakulam. Then you have to take a local bus to Vallikavu.


This site is located 14 km from Kolam-Alappuzha Street. Thousands of shades of mineral sand from Chavara are exported to various countries. The port of Kollithottam is located at the limits of Chavara.


It is located 29 km from the city, the largest freshwater lake in Kerala, surrounded by hills on three sides. It is a place of beauty, a health center and a pilgrimage center. Frequent buses are available at Kollam. Accommodation facilities are available at PWD Rest House, in the city.

You must see the site in a lifetime. Mother Nature has really blessed this tourist place.

CMA – Gateway to a global career

CMA (Certified Management Accountant) is a professional credential offered by IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) in the management accounting profession. Since its inception, more than 30,000 people have registered at IMA. The current fiscal year of 2013 has supposed that 2,800 professionals have received their CMA credentials: most of any year since the creation of the IMA in 1972. In addition, about 18,000 candidates are following their CMA worldwide. (Source: imanet.org)

The CMA qualification has the following merits:

Global recognition – CMA is the highest management accounting rating in the U.S. The CMA credentials begin with belonging to IMA, thus providing global opportunities with very high perspectives, in the field of management accounting and financial decision making. IMA has mutual recognition agreements (MRA) with several professional organizations around the world, which facilitates obtaining CMA credentials for candidates from around the world. Accountants with a CMA certificate are required on key financial functions at a global level.

Solid knowledge base: The CMA exam consists of two parts: one on financial planning, analysis and control and the other on financial decision making. Each party envisages various topics, such as management accounting, cost accounting, auditing, professional ethics, decision making and the like. Therefore, the CMA qualification provides the candidates with a very strong knowledge base in key management areas and allows managers to grasp an idea of ​​the business side of the business. The CMA material is also very relevant in situations of the real world, not only in accounting and financial management, but also in areas such as information technology.

Ease of entry: Even less, the CMA is one of the professional courses easier to access. To be eligible for the CMA exams, candidates must have a bachelor's degree in an accredited university, unlike other professional courses that require a certain number of credit hours to be able to access exams.

Cost and effort – For all the benefits obtained, the CMA certification has a very reasonable cost. The cost is broken down as IMA membership fees, exam fees and certification fees, which add approximately $ 1100. IMA has very attractive discounts from time to time, which allows candidates to have these discounts and obtain a Certification less than $ 1000. This is compared to other professional accounting certifications that exceed $ 1,500 or more.

The time and efforts required by a candidate are also less than other professional qualifications. Any professional qualification requires a certain interest and preparation by the candidates. With these antecedents, CMA can be completed within the next 6 months in the enrollment with about 300-400 study hours. This is compared to other professional certificates that require approximately one year or more with about 600-800 hours of study.

Job Opportunities / Complementary education – The majority of the professionals choose the CMA to advance in their professional career. CMA prepares an accountant to be a world class financial leader. Accountants with CMA certification find a lot of jobs in the management area, especially in the fields of financial performance and decision making. CMAs are also equipped with the analytical skills needed to absorb key roles that involve strategic management decisions. Some of the areas where CMAs are used are strategic planning, marketing, financial analysis, banking, etc.

From a fresher perspective, CMA provides a start for students who want to have a special focus on the accounting industry. CMA also provides a collection or a tour of accounting professionals looking for an MBA or a global CPA. Thus, you can see that the CMA qualification is a highly accepted and recognized certification with a professional career in a global platform.

Gateway SX2850-01 Desktop Review (Intel Core I3, 1 TB)

I have been a fan of the Gateway SX series for a long time thanks to its excellent price-performance relationship and always give great value for every penny spent. The Gateway SX2850-01 is another great desktop model of this series, which includes some of the most modern and powerful specifications of its price range.

The Gateway SX2850-01 includes an Intel Core i3-540 (3.06Ghz), 4GB DDR3 RAM (maximum 8GB) and a gigantic 1 TB hard drive. This set of specifications will be more than enough for the average desktop user, whether you want to use it to work or play seriously. This model also comes with an Intel HD graphics card. Along with Clear Video HD technology, it is perfect for playing HD content, games and graphics. It also supports high definition audio (channel 5.1).

The desktop works with Windows 7 Home Premium and also includes functions like a 16x DVD drive, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, 11 USB ports and an HDMI output. Connect a high definition television and a good set of speakers and you will have a mini home entertainment unit. The Gateway SX2850-01 is also a very good search engine. It is a tower style desk, with an elegant and bright front and a reliable compact size. Measure in dimensions of 10.43 x 3.93 x 12.4 inches. In general, I like the heel and the quiet design.

All in all, the Gateway SX2850-01 is the ideal desktop model for anyone looking for a stylish and affordable PC for a reasonable price for your home or office. Thanks to its set of powerful specifications, it will use this desktop for many years without worrying that it is not obsolete. For the moment, this model is around 549 dollars per seven.

Microsoft Forefront TMG and ISA: Gateway Transitions

Microsoft achieved its continued success with the launch of an integrated routing security system known as the Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway, also known as Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server. Technically, Microsoft Forefront TMG and ISA are the same modules, but they are different in their alteration and modifications regarding time and generation.

However, both work efficiently to provide absolute security with regard to documents and data files oriented to the online network to avoid the illegal use of confidential data on the web. This high quality security system protects the arena based on IT accessing Internet viruses and other threats in this way and at the same time allows users an easy and fast remote gateway to use applications and data information

The Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010 was originally created on November 17, 2009. It was built from scratch and it was modified as a prototype of ISA Server 2006. The Forefront Threat Management Gateway, the first version Installed was launched in 1997, on January 1st. Working and working correctly in Windows Server 2008, although it has been discontinued, there are some updates that indicate that they will be used and remodeled for use.

Features of Microsoft Forefront TMG and ISA

1. Because Microsoft Forefront TMG is the successor of the ISA version, it promotes the routing through its assets as an Internet-based gateway to facilitate the passage of data. It can be defined as a virtual private network server and a proxy server, as well as being a network address translation device.

2. Improves network processing, so that performance increases due to the compression of web traffic and traffic navigation to the right type of domains. The caching of placements allows users to easily access domains in future browsing, as well as provide updates regarding the latest inventories on the web.

3. Microsoft Forefront TMG and ISA security features include a firewall that checks all the web content received by the server. It filters junk mail and trash, as well as ensures that content that complies with security policies is maintained while the rest is eliminated. The system provides anti-malware protection and application layer preservation, as some of the user's security processes.

4. Includes basic hardware maintenance options for firewall types that allow users to make sure that their hardware devices connected to the computer work accordingly and there are no errors due to unwanted downloads on the web.

If you are thinking of obtaining the Microsoft Forefront TMG in your systems, you will surely have to think about hiring a team of professionals who can operate and install the application. Although Microsoft has stopped using the gateway management system, there have been implications that indicate that it will be renewed in the future.

Polytechnic Course, A Gateway To Engineering College

How does education make a difference in your life? How do you think it has helped you increase your life? There are certain questions that pass through a young person. One has to be focused on getting an excellent career and elaborating it like never before. In India there are thousands of students who want to specialize in the fields of engineering and technology. But due to the harsh competition and the limitation of the seat, it becomes very difficult for them to enroll with the technical title. The polytechnical courses, also called back-door to the engineering faculty, are the best option in these situations. This professional program offers students the opportunity to enter the university in the second year.

A diploma in Polytechnics teaches a student the fundamental concepts of engineering in different specialized areas such as electrical, mechanical, electronic, civil, IT and IT engineering. The degree helps the student to obtain technical knowledge and develop his professional career in the field of engineering. The greatest benefit of this program is that it offers students the benefit of admission to the well-known and prestigious engineering institute. There are many regional and private grade schools that offer a sufficient percentage of places for holders of diplomas.

In India there are many institutes that offer polytechnic admission to students who want to establish their professional career in the technical field. These educational centers offer a quality education with a lower duration and at an affordable price. These courses probably take about three years. A good Indian engineering institute even organizes invited schools from leading organizations that help students improve their technical skills.

Nowadays, the polytechnical admission takes the most affordable, promising and effective way to start the successful career in the desired field. Diploma courses usually last for three years and are distributed in semesters and in a semester payment. At the end of these studies, students see many doors inviting them to start a safe, bright and prosperous career. In addition, the candidates who work with diplomas have facilitated facilitated distance courses to obtain experience in their department.

Nowadays, there are many polytechnic universities that offer diplomas of short duration in different technical areas for different durations. Many of them even provide distance learning and correspondence courses. But young people should be smart enough by choosing educational institutions in India. You must always observe the areas of the desired diploma course, the faculty standards, university affiliation, the previous registration of locations, the classification of the installation on the campus, rate structure Make sure you have to learn what you have always wanted.

Animation openings: gateway to the soul of a series?

An anime opening works successfully in relation to the set of the series in varying degrees. In addition to being the obvious function of introducing the characters of the show and the setting with a sound entertaining, the animation openings highlight the peculiarities, the lines of the plot and the characters topics that are covered in episodes. When combining these elements with an unforgettable musical accompaniment, the anime openings reach the public and help shape the perception of this anime in particular.

This leads to the convention of the series of anime that has multiple openings not only for the different stations of a show, but also deals with interests. The tones change as the characters face new villains, meet different challenges or ripen and gain new skills. Animated films that last several seasons or arches use these adjustments to the openings to help viewers easily locate an episode along the character development and plot.

The first opening of Death Note, The World, mixes the phantasmagorical band of the Visual Kei band with sequences that underline the tension between Light (Kira) and the eccentric detective L. Despite the introduction of several secondary characters, Attentive to highlighting the epic scale. of the rivalry of the duo and the poisonous possibilities of using the Death Note. The first task of the city is achieved with multiple rubbish in the city: light and L are achieved as unique among the masses, but inextricable to them. The unlucky ability of the death note is highlighted graphically in cases of broken glass, first eyes of light in moments of manic thinking and the apple of temptation always present, although the favorite store of Ryuk is the light that devours the fruit Finally, the letters promise, especially, a revolution led by a firm leader and a new world, which is sufficiently ambiguous to mean both light and L.

In the same way, the Girl Revolution of Utena, which opens the Rinbu Revolution, refers to the complexity of the characters and to the complex set of changes. A soft Utena relaxes in a field with Anthy in a sequence, while in another fight furiously to fulfill his duties as a duelist. In the same way, Anthy is portrayed as much as the complex girlfriend of roses (sometimes submissive, sometimes induced by chaos) and as a just wrestler towards the end of the opening. The two characters are also shown interacting with each other in a "normal" environment of their shared school environment, but the castle down and the superimposed animation point to the surreal nature of the series.

Occasionally, anime openings are quite obvious that the lyrics of the song are essentially sung by the main character. The opening of Kaichou wa Maid-sama is simple when explaining the strange position of heroin as the authoritarian president of the student council at a former daughter's school and her secret work as a waitress in a cleaning cafeteria. With the establishment of this conflict both internally in Misaki (best expressed in the final image of the opening of school uniform and cleaning coffee clothes hanging together at home) and externally in their love relationship dangerous with the hero Usui, the opening shows all the letters to talk about the expected voltage within the series. The opening is direct, catchy and definitive about the drama and general appeal of Kaichou wa Maid-sama.

However, like any anime component, opening sequences are sometimes affected in what they do. This depends on factors such as the type of viewer and his ideas about anime. For example, the opening of Fruits Basket transmits a soft and emotional tone that the viewer will identify comprehensibly with the series, but none of the amorous triangles of human-to-animal transformation that define the series.

The global openings of the anime reveal, in a way, the themes of the series, which go from a mere introduction of artistic style and the presentation of characters to obvious statements of the contents of the series . However, it must be acknowledged that anime music usually has a life of its own. One of the most common ways to find a new series is to listen to or watch the opening. In this way, the relationship of a viewer with a series begins with the animation opening, both literally and figuratively.

An opening is inextricably linked to the series and has the ability to alter the expectations of the viewer about the program they are about to enjoy; nevertheless, an opening can not exist as independent representation of any series completely. When it is observed repeatedly together with the show and the final anime, the opening sequence serves as a part of a complete package.