What is Softswitch in the news?


The term softswitch is usually connected to IP calls, the truth is called, and it is also important for fixed calls. A softswitch controls the associations in the middle of replaced packages and systems replaced by circuits. On a regular basis, a product that can be referred to as a Media Gateway or call agent, in any case, it is true, these are two segments of automatic switch. In this way, a call specialist is responsible for the services of calls, charges, call handling and comparable administrations, which are a useful rationale for these elements. It uses an interface holder door with different types of media streams, which can make a last form of auto (information and voice). A call agent offers, in turn, guidelines for the Media entryway on which interfaces you should use.

How does the switch work most of?

There are different occupations of a delicate change in the field of media transmission and system administration. Normally, it has two branches or it can indicate subsets on which a focus gadget is shot at a Softswitch. They are operators of Media Gateway and Call. We have to understand what these two parts are doing to make Softswitch work easily:

Call agent: This is the essential part of the subsector. In general, the call agent deals with a couple of consecutive features, such as call handling, sign change, call administration, charging, and other small capabilities. In addition, a call agent is in charge of controlling different elements of the transmission switches with the assistance of the TCP and IP associations, where TCP is maintained for the transfer control protocol and the IP is still the protocol of Internet It is also used to control the media step elements, taking into account the ultimate goal of associating with media and additional interfaces. This technique is used to keep the interfaces quite obvious to accept calls from any telephone line.

Media Agent: Softswitch's other piece is known as the Media portal, which deals exclusively with the different types of advanced noises. All this tries to make the final association to finish and control the voice call. Taking into account the final objective of association with other telephone lines, several interfaces are used. These interfaces are used to make the scaffolding between the media and the PSTN, which could be DS3 or DS1, and occasionally used, are E1 and US interfaces. To put it clearly, Softswitch is another methodology adjusted for a large part of the media transmission industry, which makes call handling simple and basic.

More information on Softswitch and its advantages

Softswitch has changed the business of telecommunications. These days have gone far when the usual voice switches were used incalculably throughout the world. These days, with Softswitch support, you can send faxes and make a voice or video call. Subsequently, it contributes more and more to the telecommunications companies. As for the proper meaning of Softswitch, it's very simple. Softswitch are virtual programming applications that are widely used to make calls from one telephone line to the next. It is supervised exclusively and works with PC help. It is usually used to make calls that depend on the Internet protocol, usually known as IP. With the assistance of this office, you can also make calls from your computer to any landline.

The main task of the Softswitch programming application is to control the associations between the two circuits, exchanged systems and replacement parcel systems. The Softswitch programming application is related to a call agent or a Media Gateway. These two are the Softswitch components that make it work easily. The call agent is used mainly for the charge of calls, the direction of calls and other types of administration. On the other hand, the Media Gateway helps to connect different streams of multimedia streams, which will make a last way to transmit information and, moreover, to see. The multimedia portal complies with the caller's guidelines on the interfaces that will be used when associating a call.

Favorable softswitch circumstances

  • Scalability: since the IP mail switch mainly controls the association between several telephone lines and less than the replacement of part, it is a higher number of customers without overloading the processors.
  • Hardware-free stage: it can be effectively introduced into desktop devices or compacts such as tablets, which will have the basic computer configurations.
  • Upgradeable: without the possibility of another variant being so late downloaded, you will have the ability to update it effortlessly. You should simply download the new form and do it after a couple of companies to complete the method of establishment.
  • Expandability: If you should include new extensions or logs, it should be possible without effort. You can acquire extensions to expand the offices of this product application, in order to make it easier to use and to make the most of it.


How to connect an USB Ethernet Router USB Modem


I currently have a USB broadband modem. I have purchased a wireless router that has Ethernet connections. Currently, the modem is connected to my computer on the ground floor that is running Windows 98 and, therefore, will not connect the connections to my computer (XP). I can not upgrade to XP because a family member will not "risk".

I can connect the USB broadband modem to my wireless router using a complicated selection of cable adapters, that is ethernet to USB (I can not find a USB adapter TO ETHERNET). If that is not possible, if I connect the USB modem to the XP computer, can I connect my Win 98 computer with the XP computer as a host?

I think it's Ethernet than the current USB, but not the USB to Ethernet. I see no reason why you should not be able to connect your USB modem to your XP computer and use it as a bridge to your computer 98.

Of course, it would be better to have one unit all in one, but you can achieve your goal with this equipment. You can not use cable adapters to convert the modem's USB to Ethernet. The USB needs drivers to run and Ethernet connections do not provide these drivers to the device. You can also connect the modem to the XP machine and the bridging connections, yes. but you can leave the system as it is and configure it to work properly:

If you had the hard clothes in front of me, it would be easier to give you details … but I can give you an idea of ​​what I have to do. There are only 2 steps here:

1. Set up an Internet gateway.

2. Set up the router.

And the rest is easy.

1. Set up the Internet machine to share AN INTERNET CONNECTION (you can use the wizard if you like, or simply enable Internet connection sharing), which will turn 98 into a gateway Internet. This gateway needs a designated IP address. In essence, machine 98 will be the Internet server, so that the IP of the machine 98 is the IP of the gateway. Assign an address, for example: to machine 98. the "192.168" is important, and the last chains you can stretch, but to facilitate it, it will keep you small. * TYPE * the subnet mask will always be Well, it is in charge of the host machine.

2. After having an Internet gateway, connect the wireless router and the console (or IP) to the configuration, generally accessing Internet Explorer and writing to the address bar and look for a slot for the Internet Gateway. Enter the address assigned to step 1. This is for the router. (There may be other configurations needed for your specific network and, if there is no one, make sure to configure them)

Finally, some cleaning tasks. make sure the workgroup for both machines is identical. I usually use MSHOME as a workgroup. Also make sure that on the XP machine, your IP address is configured in "Automatically obtain IP address", also known as DHCP.


Drug distributors can help your writing skills


Is marijuana still labeled with the drug "gateway"?

If you were an adolescent during the 80's or 90's, marijuana was described as the doorway to more dubious and destructive drugs. I guess what they wanted to say is that if you try marijuana, you're probably hungry for heroin and cocaine.

It has also been warned of the dangers that initial distributors of "free samples" use to connect early and turn them into loyal and paying customers.

I tell you … they were in something.

Joseph Sugarman was, and still is, widely recognized as a face on the Rushmore mountain of copywriter. His book, The advertising secrets of the written word It was published in 1998 and, from the date of writing, I can not find a copy for less than $ 72.00. A testament to its current relevance.

One of the "axioms," as he calls them, in his book indicates …

"The sole purpose of the first sentence of an ad is to read the second sentence."

As a result, the first sentence is similar to the initial free sample of your friendly distributor. The main purpose of the first sentence is to attract the reader to continue reading the second sentence. The purpose of the second is to bring them to the third party, etc.

There are legendary stories about how Sugarman spent hours and, sometimes, weeks with the first 50 words of his ads, because he wanted these to be the best free sample, or "gateway" to the rest of the copy And the first sentence of the first 50 words had to be even more convincing. Your secret? Brevity

Keeping the first sentence as short as possible keeps you convincing, interesting and easy to read.

Joseph Sugarman was famous for his long and fun style of direct advertisement advertisement. His ads forced the target audience to invest, what would be considered nowadays, a significant amount of time to read. As a result, it was crucial for him to connect the reader with a first short and convincing phrase.

Does it still apply to the current marketing and brand landscape? Absolutely, but in a different way.

Content marketing is a rapidly growing channel. As a result, your target audience is bombarded by a growing number of content. The goal of Surgaman was to write ads that broke the disorder as the reader made a track through a magazine. The contemporary version of your goal is to capture your audience with attractive content while browsing through email, blogs and social networks.

If your editor is writing content with long and thin phrases, teach them what you learned from your friendly seller.

Or simply send them this article.


Various payment processing options increase sales


The more payment processing options an ecommerce merchant offers to buyers, the more sales they will spend. Each new option payment added at the point of departure causes a 5-20% increase in sales.

The vast majority of sales made by internet marketers are made using credit cards. Consumers still prefer to shop online with credit cards for any other method of payment.

Despite the popularity of credit cards, if a merchant does not offer multiple payment methods, sales are lost. The addition of new methods of payment offers traders the opportunity to capture as many sales as possible from consumers who visit their websites.

Surprisingly, there are large segments of the population that do not have credit cards. And among those who do, many still prefer to use other methods of payment.

Among the Americans in charge of debt, an impressive number of consumers are just a few inches away from their credit cards. Even if a consumer wants to buy from a place, there is a real possibility that the sale is rejected because the buyer has exceeded the credit line available on credit cards.

Additional payment options allow merchants to benefit from buyers who do not have cards, can not use cards or simply have chosen not to use credit cards for a purchase.

Certainly, the most convenient alternative payment option to offer buyers is electronic verification. The majority of payment processing gateways already have integrated in the payment gateway.

It is very easy to activate echeck functionality on the catwalk. Generally, you do not need to make any additional documentation. Once enabled, the buyer simply chooses from the drop-down menu if the preferred payment method is the credit card or the payment system.

Adding additional payment options is the fastest and easiest way to obtain an increase in e-commerce sales. Investigate the alternative payment processing options offered by the payment gateway. It is possible that you find it a surprisingly effective way to increase profits.


The most outstanding aspects of Mumbai in India


The seven islands of which is Mumbai were the meeting points that were under the reign of several successive dynasties. In the mid-18th century, Mumbai emerged as an important shopping center. Nowadays the city is commonly included in many trips to India. That's why we will highlight many of the attractions in Mumbai that tourists should not miss during their visit to India.

The gateway to India

Located in the western part of the city of Mumbai, the gateway to India is usually part of a large number of visits to India. This historic monument was built to immortalize the 90,000 Indian soldiers who participated in the British Indian troops during the First World War. It is considered one of the important landmarks of the city.

Chhatrapati Museum of Mumbai

Formerly named Museum of the Prince of Wales, the Chhatrapati museum is among the most popular places in the city that hosts hundreds of tourists traveling to India.

Located close to the gateway to India, the museum was established at the beginning of the 20th century and shows many exhibits that demonstrate the history of the city and the dream to become an independent state of employment and the British dominion. India has gained independence and the museum has become a highlight of the city of Mumbai, which is often visited by tourists who enjoy their vacations in India.

The Haji Ali Dargah Mosque

The Haji Ali Dargah Mosque is the most popular Islamic memorial in Mumbai, often added to Travel Packages in India. The mosque is located on a small island in the northern section of the city.

The Haji Ali Dargah mosque was built in 1431 by one of the Indian Muslim craftsmen. The mosque also houses the mausoleum of its owner. It is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Indian Islamic architecture that attracts several travelers to visit India.

Kamala Nehru Park

The Kamala Nehru park is one of the most pleasant places to visit in Mumbai and is highly recommended for tourists traveling to India.

The park occupies an area of ​​more than 370 square meters; The park was named after the wife of the first prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. Famous for its shoe-shaped building, the park would be a wonderful place to have a picnic in the afternoon. A lot of tourists traveling to India like natural landscapes and special magic and the country's environment

The hanging gardens of Mumbai

Mumbai also presents itself to house some hanging gardens. The most famous and popular are the Pherozeshah Mehta gardens. Some tourists who spend their holidays in India would explore this wonderful garden.

Established in 1881, the park has its wonderful vegetation scenes, some wonderful views of the sunset over the Arabian Sea and the large number of wooden tanks that are characterized by the shapes of their animals. Children, like the elderly, would enjoy their visit to the Mumbai parks.

The beach of Chaupati

Chaupati Beach is famous for its combination of the relaxing and comfort atmosphere of the morning. At night, the beach is full of food cars that offer some of the most important traditional dishes and appetizers in India. Sometimes there is also music or playback. This is one of the experiences that tourists traveling to India should never miss.


Payment gateways


Living in a country where getting a credit card is as easy as buying local news every day from the nearby grocery store and it could easily capture a market for plastic money holders. The power of plastic money extends beyond the boundaries of nations and is, in fact, the closest step to globalization. I remember a policy of "Think Global, Local Act."

Most of us know that any Internet company that sells virtually any product is international and has no limits, unless it is a product with a tangible volume.

The Internet has made millions of people have more information over the past century and still today is a bit real. Diligent work, honesty and consistency are the key to any business and any virtual business is no exception.

What you really need to cross the limits of a virtual business is a payment gateway or commercial services to which you can refer. Although there is a difference, but it does not matter what we are discussing.

There are several payment gateways and you may be really tired to search through Google to get the best deal possible. Keep in mind that here we refer to a payment gateway as a service provider is a third party services that you can integrate into your website so that your customers can pay for your products and services virtual and digital Payment can be made using credit cards, coupons or any other means accepted by the payment gateway of third parties. Here I would like to list some of the payment gateways that I have more knowledge, in addition to the many services there are.

1 PayPal – PayPal is my choice for several reasons, its simplicity and ease of use must be the most preferred and you do not need to register as a business owner to obtain this service. However, it must be remembered that PayPal also has its drawbacks. Payment processing fees can be 5.5% per transaction and have a transaction limit on each record that can be increased by verification of the credit card, verification of address and verification of the bank account . PayPal also offers API services for those who want to delve into developer services and integrate well with most shopping carts, including free ones, such as Agora. Apart from that, you have your own shopping cart system if someone wants to use it.

Apart from that, you have withdrawal options in your bank account and credit card.

There are a few countries where PayPal is not yet available and is mentioned on the website, although payments can be accepted in most countries. Recently, there has also been a restriction of the RB to India in PayPal, although it is still unclear.

2 2 Checking – 2CO are the most preferred payment gateways for giants with all their features, which have some drawbacks. One must be a registered business and must pay a set of $ 49 per account. There are strict rules of what can be sold and what not. Ask your question to your website for more information.

Removing an amount of 2co is a bit tedious and needs to be done with a check or bank deposit, although it is done every week and must complete the level of release and pass the checks.

The user is presented to enter their details by selecting the options available after the transaction. 2co can also be integrated with all types of shopping carts and software. Personally, I have used this to buy things on the Internet several times and it works like a charm. Your support system is also very good.

3 Moneybookers – This is a European payment gateway service that can be used for those that operate in euros. You can create a product sheet using your own transport car system and use the buttons on your site. Commissions of transactions are again very high and there is a limitation on the transactions that can be made every month. The limit can be obtained through the verification process.

Your customers need to be registered to pay the money and accept bank transfers and credit card payments.

4 AlertPay – This is a Canadian service provider and basically has the same system as PayPal even if it is not so popular. I just found out about their services and the integration part of the shopping cart was simple and the transaction costs did not differ much from that of PayPal. Very few people choose AlertPay as an alternative to PayPal.

A personal account with AlertPay has limitations that may be posed to a certain extent through a verification process while the Pro account is full of features such as: mass payment, integration tools and payment methods of the website. To verify your professional account, you will also have to present some documents.

AlertPay has no country restrictions and has its own shopping cart system, as well as the integration of APIs, etc. Personally, it would be my best option as an alternative to PayPal by any means.

Aside from all this, you need to look for a secure provider and your customers have confidence and security to provide your financial details.

Last but not least, look for a gateway provider with which your money is yours and is safe and easy to obtain.


The Chakras: Understand and balance the 16 main chakras


The chakra system is an ancient system, known to many cultures for thousands of years. Chakra (pronounced CHUK-ruh) means wheel or circle in Sanskrit. In Tibetan Buddhism, the centers are called channel wheels. Taoist yoga is a complex discipline based on the control and circulation of these vital energies considered as vortex.

Chakras are also called lotus, which gives us an idea of ​​the nature of the chakras. The lotus, with its exquisite flowers that bloom on the surface of the water, under the sun (spirit), has its roots buried in the dark darkness of the depths (physics). Like the lotus flower, the chakras can be closed, in outbreak, when they are opened or bloom, active or inactive.

The ancient Western alchemical tradition used the chakra system, assigning metals and planets to the chakras in an elaborate correspondence system, which formed the basis of the search for alchemists for spiritual transformation. With the decline of the alchemical arts, the knowledge of the chakras also vanished. The interest for the Chakras resurged in the west with the appearance of the theosophy movement in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The chakra system is a data storage system that is very similar to a computer that many healers feel or see. It is the spiritual interface between the physical body, the nervous system, the spiritual body and the holographic web. The nervous system is our physical interface, which communicates with all aspects of the physicist, giving information and receiving chakras. Chakras work as energy transmitters from one level to another, and distribute qi or prana to the physical body.

Although there are many minor chakras in the body and our joints, it is recognized that there are 7 main chakras between the groin and the upper part of the head, while two are more importantly located about 18 inches on the head of the head. , known as the "star of the soul", the star of the Earth, located approximately 18 inches below the feet. There are differences of opinion as to where some of the minor chakras are. I work with and offset 16 main chakras, from the Star of the Earth to the Monada: Divine connection, some of which are not recognized by other healers or systems, doing my unique healing work.

Personal experience is a vital part of Western acceptance of everything, our syndrome "I will believe it when I see it", and limits the multi-sensory experiences of humanity. However, there are many reported incidents, where people have had physical pain, in the heart, for example, without any physiological reasons, even after extensive medical tests. When these people happened to have a balance of crystal and chakra, the healer found that his pain was connected to an injury of past life and the pain was solved after rebalancing. Many healers believe that physical foods have their roots in mental and emotional imbalances and in order to cure the physical body, it is also necessary to approach the mental and emotional bodies.

Each of the 7 commonly recognized chakras corresponds to a physical system and its organs and related glands. The sound, the colors and the crystals are assigned to each chakra, although the colors and functions of each chakra vary a bit according to the different traditions.

The first Chakra: base Chakra Located in the coccyx area at the base of the spine, it is related to the adrenal glands, the large intestine and the rectum. Share the responsibility of the kidneys with the 2nd chakra. This chakra is known as the kundalini fire or the serpent; vital force for survival, life or "death", family identity, bondage and loyalty. Chakra root energy expression is directly related to a person's quality of health. The cosmic fire that awaits the release is latent until the superior ego can correctly use the power of its ethereal energy source in the physical and spiritual levels of life. The lesson of the first chakra is the unit more than the separation. Its color is red; Crystals: garnet, black tourmaline, dravita, black onyx, smokey quartz, obsidian; and your note is half C.

The Second Chakra: Holy Chakra It is halfway between the public and naval beams (some traditions see it in the navy), they are related to the testicles, the prostate and the ovaries. The pelvis is the physical representation of emptiness and goddess. This is where the Inner Feminine / Goddess is supported. It is the creative center and is related both to sensuality and to sexuality, to power (personal power when in equilibrium, and domination of ego when unbalanced) and money or abundance, the ability to create and take risks, fight or flee, resilience, perseverance and financial vision. This is our creative center, the headquarters of our passion and our sexuality: to be comfortable in our body as a woman or a man. Aspects of shadows: disavow / control or use others for your own advantage. Color: orange; Note: D; Crystals: Amber, Tiger's Eye, Cornaline.

The Third Chakra: Plague Solar Chakra It is related to the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen and digestion. This is where you store our unresolved emotions and, therefore, is the place where we "digest" our emotions or not. This chakra is related to the power of will, self esteem, self-discipline, ambition, courage, generosity, ethics and instinct, self esteem and homage. Aspects of shadows: giving the personal power of choice from a need for approval; narcissistic behavior Color: yellow; Note: E; Glasses: Citrine, Sun Stone, Lemon Chrysopone.

The fourth Chakra: Chakra of the heart It is in the center of the chest that is related to the thymus gland and the heart. This is the chakra of love for self and for others, compassion and forgiveness. Aspects of shadows: jealousy, enthusiasm, resentment and inability to forgive. Color: a combination of pink, love and green, for love of others. First we have to love ourselves before we can love one another; Note: F; Crystals: pink quartz, green, amazon, chrysophone.

The V Chakra: Chakra of the throat It is located at the base of the throat, it is related to the thyroid's voice and the parathyroid and neck. It refers to our ability to speak our truth and trust in ourselves, and that is where we allow love in our lives. It is where we exercise our will over others or release our power / will to others. This is the center of faith, self-knowledge, personal authority and the ability to keep your word. Aspects of shadows: an obsessive need to control relationships and events. Color: blue; Note: G; Crystals: Larimar, blue point agate, pencil, aqua, azurite / malachite, silica gum.

The sixth: Front Chakra Often the third eye is called, it is between and a little above the eyebrows. It is related to the pineal gland and the spiritual vision, and the ability to articulate vision and inspiration. Aspects of shadows: definition of truth in self-sufficient forms. Color: purple; Note: A; Crystals: Amethyst, Sugilite, Cyanite, Azurite.

The seventh chakra: Chakra of the crown It is located on the top of the head and you can find "drawing" a line from the top of the ears and directly up from the tip of the nose. It is related to the pituitary gland and is our direct connection with the spirit and the superior consciousness. This is the center of faith in the Divine, as well as in the inner guide, the understanding of healing and devotion to the Divine. Aspect of shadows: the need to know why things happen as they do, which makes them live in the past. Color: white; Note: B; Crystal: clear quartz, selenite, indicolite (blue).

I received the following information from the Divinity during a healing session many years ago. While I've worked with these chakras, my understanding of them has grown. People have a certain familiarity with the eighth chakra, also known as the star of the soul or interpersonal Chakra. You know less about the charkas again at twelve. Information varies when it comes to higher dimensions. This is because people are at different levels of consciousness or have different levels of vibration. You can only see the truth based on where you see from that moment on.

The 5 Chakras superior, 8-12

These five top characters were disconnected from eons and are now reconnected through our opening to Spirit. The process can be accelerated through an Ascension Initiation. The colors of the upper carcasses vary from person to person and depend on your purpose or individual function as a spirit. Crystals: Herkimer and Tibetan diamonds, double closed clear quartz, selenite, indicolite (turmaline blue quartz), moldavite, cavansite, apophilite, prehnite.

Eighth Chakra: Soul Star Also known as the transpersonal chakra, it is approximately 18 inches above the head. This is the center that contains all our agreements and agreements related to this useful life, gaming connections, etc. The soul star of a person is superimposed on that of the people with whom they have had long-term relationships or sexual encounters, and do not disconnect themselves completely on their own, even though the person's soul couple can participate physically. It is very important, therefore, to be able to erase all old relationship contracts, to give way to new potential relationships to make it easier for you, or to clear a path for the relationship of your current affairs, supporting you to grow more completely The eight chakra is also the center of detachment, it is maintained at the present time, unconditional trust, acceptance of intuitive guidance and the ability to discern the illusion. It is the center of the higher intellect. It means the kingdom where the individual soul merges with the Universal Mind. It also marks the point where the soul manifests itself in the matter, in the individual energy body. Note: C;

The Ninth Chakra: Intergalactic Gateway to the Divine and BluePrint for this incarnation, and our Higher Emotional Center. This is where we have all the information related to who we are and who we are, in our present incarnation, our color of eyes, hair color, other characteristics, characteristics of personality and what we are going to do / do in this life This information becomes our DNA. We chose all this before reaching this incarnation. In a cure, BluePrint may appear fragmented, damaged or fractured, divided, cracked, scattered or even scattered. I worked with a woman who was very depressed and had the feeling that she did not want to be here. I confirmed it when I asked. His plan appeared scattered or scattered and I think he would have tried to leave in some way if he had not had the session with me. I cried when I asked for a new plan to be presented and I felt completely different after the session. In particular, I had a great release when I cleared my nine and eleventh chakras. Note: D

The Tenth Chakra: Gateway to the Divinity It is the gateway to all the other experiences (and dimensions) we have had in the interior of the universe. This chakra is where the soul breaks down and scatters across the universe, which requires "recovery." Once all aspects have been retrieved, the person has full access to all the infinite possibilities of who they have been and are: their "universal archetypes", due to lack of a better term. By providing the essence of these aspects or fragments of soul in a single chakra, it gives us the ability to work with all our talents and abilities. Most people only have access to between one and ten of their universal archetypes, and this is quite limited, because we actually have an infinite number. Note: E

The last chakra: Universal gateway to the Divine It is where duality begins, so to speak. It is the "field of overlap" between Light & Dark is where we have all the agreements and agreements that belong to our soul, while the eighth chakra is the contracts and agreements of this current incarnation. Cleaning the first chakra is essential to achieve a balance between the person and allowing them to have full access to their divinity. It seems to me that blocks of the 11th chakra can interfere with our divine connection. This is where our contracts are maintained with the hidden, black magic and the abyss. We all have aspects of ourselves that have experienced the shadow, because it is part of Soul's journey to explore Light and Dark, Order & Chaos. Part of the divine plan for us is to experience duality: light and darkness and all the rays of the rainbow between the two. Sometimes I think that this chakra is very unbalanced and may require a substantial infusion of love, and perhaps a "new" chakra is necessary. When I finish this chakra, people often experience an instantaneous change, and comment that they suddenly feel different, more connected to the Divine. Note: F

The Twelve Charka: Level of the Flirted Soul The fact of completing the five highest degrees is the 12th chakra or the Monada considers the individual spirit-Spark of the Divine and is often called "I am presence." La Monada is often considered the ascending master level of the soul. Each Monad or Spirit-Spark creates and is divided into 12 pairs of souls. Each pair is known as TwinFlames. The Fairy is often considered the Master or the level of the Ascended Spirit. When it is clarified, I see the TwinFlame of the person, as well as his Divine Lightning: his personal taste of Divinity, in the frequency of color, which is his "function" as an Spirit.

Here is the BluePrint of the Soul, the TwinFlame de l'Anima – twin or mirror in front of another. Sometimes I see souls in other meaningful relationships here. It is a connection where there is no differentiation between the Monada and the Divine. I often see that the two BluePrints – Soul and this incarnation – are mutually reflective. Sometimes, the same fragmentation is happening in each one of them. If there is a division in the plans, this refers especially to a disconnection between the masculine and feminine aspects of our being. Unifying the male / female energy within us is the most important step in experiencing the Unit.

If there is a division between the masculine / feminine aspects, maybe half of the BluePrint is missing. Therefore, the Monad is present, but his TwinFlame is usually missing. If you re-form part of the BluePrint and make it a complete set, your TwinFlame comes in and the client has access to work with his own mirror. Note: F #

The following is based on my own numbering system to include the other important chakras I work with. The numbers are not important, where there are chakras and what they "do":

The thirteen Chakra: Divine Space of the Heart / Star Heart Center: It is located halfway between the chakras of the throat and the heart, on the thymus, this is the chakra of the divine co-creative consciousness, the acceptance of the inner Divinity, unconditional love and compassion for me and the others When this center wakes up, welfare is potentially an integral part of our path. Life acquires meaning and satisfaction and we experience the joy of love that comes from this chakra.

When fully activated, this center becomes a Unified chakra. This is important because a unified chakra allows you to align your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and to harmonize your energy. Working with the unified chakra, we combine the five higher chakras and the ten lower ones in one, so that everyone works according to the unconditional energy frequency based on the love that flows through & # 39; this center of the Divine Heart.

The Thymus gland controls the immune system and our aging rate. It is totally functional when the physical body (glands and organs) uses the timus-regime printing. The thymus naturally reduces as we grow older. By tapping the thymus on a daily basis, keep it activated. It is said that certain initiations also keep the thymus activated and that you will stop growing after initiation. Reiki is a beginning, especially after level II.

When the divine flow is more direct and powerful, we can move consistently through life in tune with the intention of the spirit. Then, since men (thoughts) and feminine (emotions) are no longer antagonistic, they will begin to establish a suitable hormonal balance. Color: it depends on the purpose of the soul; Note: F #

The fourteenth Chakra: gate of quantum-holographic input to the divine It lies between the knees and is where the universal holographic web connects to the physicist. The web is like a freeway and connects us with everyone and with the whole universe. We often have inadequate connections with other people through the web and move away our gifts and talents to hide us. The healing energy can be directed through a web so that the network can be repaired and thus cure the "physical" body, which only seems solid, but which in fact is energy. If the physical body is damaged, the web is also damaged – broken or broken. Color: green-white Note: B

The fifteenth chakra: it brings physical entry to the divine It is between the feet, at the ankle level and connects the spirit to the physical plane. When this center is activated, we feel connected to Mother Earth and feel one with its energy and that of all forms of life, referred to by the native Americans as all my relationships. Environmental awareness resides here and our desire to support our Mother Earth. Color: navy blue; Note A

The sixteenth chakra: Star of the Earth It is approximately 18 inches below our feet and when it's active, our spirit is based on the physical until the infinite instant of the present, where we are the most powerful Spirit and with human experience . We can not be anything other than the Spirit, although human beings tend to ignore this Truth, and there is nothing to seek except within the self: remember that we are a piece of the Divine. Color: Forest green; Note A #

These 16 chakras, along with other major and minor chakras, are the most important interface between our spirit and our physical bodies. Chakras relate directly to our nervous system, therefore the importance of cleaning both systems: physical and energetic bodies. When we observe our patterns (attitudes, values ​​and beliefs) we see clues about what off-balance chakras are. There are many visualization techniques in order to achieve the balance and alignment of the networks and, according to my experience, you have to practice them every day.

The physical pain associated with chakra imbalances is very real. Having worked with people like shaman and healer for more than 20 years, I have seen many cases in which physical pain has been released or has been released during a healing session. I have found that we take our past predominantly to the back, which represents our past, literally behind us! People often experience a physical feeling related to a "broken" heart. They may experience pain around the spinal region between the shoulder blades and, when visualizing their emotional heart, "see" an image of something that protects the heart (eg, a box or a cage) or "see it" broken. When a person has money problems and is not known in any area of ​​their lives, they may experience back pain.

Over the years, my work has evolved towards my own modality, Micro-Fusion Holographic Healing, which incorporates shamanic healing practices, as well as the many modalities in which I have trained. I have found that the body responds to this soft work by releasing and opening the Spirit in a very gentle and deep sense.

In this last part of The Chakras, I wanted to address some issues and issues that have often appeared with clients over the years, including some of the ways in which I have found it more effective to keep chakras in harmony.

Customers asked me to "close the chakras" at the end of the session and this is a very important issue to deal with. As a question, it also appears frequently: "Should I keep my chakras open or closed?" Other healers have told customers that they must close the chakras to be "protected." And since my clients know that I open all the charkas and put them in alignment and then give my clients a visualization to keep their chakras open, it is natural that this creates confusion.

Chakras are essentially mini-computers, compiling and storing information that is then transferred to their interfaces, physical and spiritual bodies, through the nervous system and subtle bodies. Having the closed chakras is like trying to run the computer with it off. Therefore, it is not a protection, but the contrary keeping it unprotected and open to negative or unwanted energies.

When your chakras are open and work in harmony with each other, you will be communicating freely with your Spirit. Most importantly, when your talks are open, your heart chakra is open, and you are exuding love, around you and this is your greatest protection.

The next question that most asks me is: "How can I keep my chakras open?" One thing I find is that when the Earth Star is closed or deactivated, all other chakras will be affected. Some chakras will be partially open, but slowly moving, some gaps will be closed. By contrast, I found that when the Earth Star is opened, all chakras are also affected positively.

In order to open and maintain your chakras, we must first establish how they turn, in what direction. There are two main beliefs about how the chakra system works: both are valid and work, if this is your belief. Normally, what taught you for the first time is what works for you. My crystal master taught me this way: each chakra rotates the opposite direction to the one next to it, creating a DNA-like spiral that closes them together, beginning with the star of the ground turning counterclockwise. Another easy way to remember is that all odd numbers turn clockwise, while the even numbers turn counterclockwise.

As you can see, this is with a pendulum, which is also how to clean and open the chakras. You can keep a pendulum on any chakra and ask him to show how he turns. If a chakra is closed, the pendulum will do nothing. If it is only partially open, the pendulum will rotate very slowly. When a chakra is completely open, the pendulum will turn gently and reasonably fast, in a large circle. Once you have established if your star on Earth is open or closed, and you have checked your solar plexus and your heart chakras, you can begin to realign all your chakras.

It is best to be sitting in a chair for this exercise, so that you have easy access to all your chakras. Starting with the Earth Star, which is approx. 18 cm below your feet, point to the pendulum on the chakra. Tilt forward and wrap your elbow on the knee. This will give you the right position, at the ankles and forward. Now, make the pendulum turn counterclockwise. Do it for about 30 seconds, until the pendulum swing easily on its own.

Continue to the ankle's chakra – in the clockwise direction, after the knees – clockwise, first chakra at the base of the spine, against the clock needles, and so on , keeping the pendulum on the area of ​​each chakra until you reach the chakra of the crown at the top of the head, which rotates clockwise.

I know you will ask about this point, how will you clean the tallest criminals? Since the intention is everything, you will imagine bringing each of them in front of you – out of your body approximately at the level of your heart chakra. Continuing with the eighth chakra – in the opposite direction to the clock needles, and so on until the 12th chakra. Turn them around until you can turn naturally without your assistance. Sit quietly for a few minutes at the end, with your eyes closed and observe how you feel. Keep in mind if you feel different from what you did before beginning this exercise. Do you feel calmer, calmer?

Another exercise that you can use to open each chakra is to visualize each one that rotates in its right direction and visualize the color suitable for each one. Another way is to keep a double quartz crystal or double closed selenite rod on each chakra while using the pendulum. Alternatively, you can keep a Herkimer or a Tibetan diamond at points, between your thumb and those indexes. This will help to erase every chakra from the unwanted energies more thoroughly. Ideally, you should practice the balance of Chakra daily.


Why do you need a bulk SMS provider?


When you think of sending SMS to your existing or potential customers, the first thing you want to know is who to contact with this installation? Your mobile network operator or your IT team? Well, who you really need to contact is a "SMS messaging provider." This article will help you understand who is an SMS messaging provider and what services you can offer.

Bulk SMS providers are software companies that provide the relevant software and support needed to implement marketing campaigns. The bulk message provider is the important link between you and mobile operators (mobile network operators). There are several multinational operators that operate between regions. Short messages Service providers have contracts with relevant MNO operators to ensure smooth and fast delivery of your SMS between regions. They manage the delivery of your messages through several alternative routes to guarantee the delivery despite the traffic in an MNO of any particular region.

Bulk SMS providers provide you with a software to send SMS. This software is also known as "SMS Gateway." The short message service provider can provide custom SMS gateways. Often, an SMS gateway already has everything you need. However, if you need something else, a short message service provider can help you. For example, the standard length of an SMS is 160 characters. If your message is longer than 160 characters, your SMS provider can provide you with this special feature. The short message service provider can also integrate the gateway with your existing database or with other applications according to your requirement.

The powerful SMS messaging providers will provide you with a SLA. You can include all your special requirements and support services relevant to these features in your SLA. At least in this space you can say "There is nothing, money can not buy". You can get your preferred sender ID, high speed delivery and many other features agreed upon between you and your provider.

SMS providers with confidence also offer a money back guarantee if they do not comply with SLA. This means that the probability of failure is almost insignificant and, therefore, they are confident enough to offer a return guarantee. These providers keep up with the advances of mobile technology to offer you better products and services.

Short messages Service providers offer a return guarantee also because they believe in customer satisfaction as much as they believe in their products and services. It is good to be in careful hands, even more, when communicating with potential or existing clients. Reputation can not be built in one day, but it can certainly be damaged. Good communication is important for a good reputation.


Creating an e-commerce website


The sale of online products requires a very different configuration from your blogging site. Let's look at the things you should think about when you set up an e-commerce website and help you explain why the design is more costly.

First let me tell you what we are not going to cover in this article.

We are not assuming that an e-commerce website is a single web page with some PayPal button codes inserted into it.

PayPal buttons are great and work great for those who sell a handful of articles, but we are taking ecommerce to the next level and give the customer a better online shopping experience.

The most modern e-commerce website is an application. They have a user interface, administration configurations, store data in a database and follow a flow of process works. We will play some of these areas.

The basics

It can be considered an e-commerce website as a play with actors that represent its scenes.

The main actors of an e-commerce website are:

* The client – buys products

* The owner of the website – sends the purchased products and pays

* Ecommerce application: interface between all actors

* Payment gateway – Manage payment transactions (more on this later)

* The commercial / commercial bank account – the business bank account of the owner of the website (more on this later)

The main process of buying an e-commerce website (the game & # 39;) occurs as follows:

1. The client navigates through the catalog of products

2. The customer adds the product to the basket

3. The customer buys the product and enters the exit process

4. Application of electronic commerce in contact with a payment gateway

5. The payment gateway provides a secure form for the sending of customers and payment details

6. The customer enters the shipping and payment information securely

7. Payment gateway contacts Merchant bank account of website owners

8. The merchant bank account processes the transaction and returns the control to the payment gateway

9. Gateway gateway returns to the client in the e-commerce application

10. The e-commerce application notifies the customer of satisfactory payment (or not)

11. The e-commerce application notifies the owner of the purchase website

12. The owner of the website sends the product to the customer

Of course, there are much more details in each step, but I hope you have the general idea that configuring an ecommerce application is a bit more complicated than your usual webpage.

Where do you start?

It seems silly, but the first step you need is to think about the types of things that you will sell online.

Are these products, that is, physical items that require packaging and publication or services provided by yourselves or by another provider, for example Yak Professional Preparation.

How can you offer products or types of services? Local or international? Is there any season? Do you have a finite stock level for specific items? Do you plan to use special offers and discounts? Do you even like yaks?

This leads to customer and payment questions.

Who are your customers? Are they they? How to pay; Credit card, check, PayPal? What bank account do I need to configure?

And then there are the support questions.

How are the returned products handled? How do you reimburse payments? How are complaints handled?

Thinking about the products and services that you offer is vital because the first thing that a web designer will ask you when you ask for a budget is "How many things are you selling and who?"

The reason is the time and costs of the course.

The sale of 50 products to a UK customer base that uses PayPal requires a very different configuration, and therefore costs to sell more than 1000 products internationally and receive credit card payments.

Let's see more closely some important areas of e-commerce applications.

The e-commerce application

Basically, an Ecommerce application is a custom content management system (CMS). Thus, besides updating publications and blogs, it specializes in updating products and services and supporting commercial functions.

Like any other CMS, the application divides the e-commerce website into two main parts; The front or the front of the store where the customer can navigate and buy products and the back-end where he accesses an administration panel and manages the options of the website, including the catalog of products.

The catalog of products

This will probably be your most important concern and is essential for any design of e-commerce websites.

The product catalog is where all your property data for sale is live. The name of the product, the description, the cost, the level of stock, the images, etc. are stored here

Sometimes we get people to ask us on which files their products are stored and they are placed at a time when they can not be found on the server.

Normally, product catalogs are stored in a database, but do not worry: you do not need to use a database. The ecommerce application does this for you through the interface of the catalog of products in the board of administration.

Being able to manage it is vital, otherwise we will go ahead and go to the web developer and the costs will be achieved.

Fortunately, the e-commerce applications we use, Magento and WordPress e-Commerce, once installed, allow you to manage your own catalog of products from the web browser.

Magento's product catalog offers advanced options and allows you to include discount codes, customer reviews, product videos, etc., while the WordPress e-commerce catalog offers a simpler solution while at the same time meeting the essential requirements You will need to sell things. line

So how can you enter and update all this product information?

The administration panel

If you access a special web page on your site and enter a username and password, you can access the options part of your e-commerce website. It is generally referred to as the Admin Panel.

Here you can update almost every aspect of the website, including access to the product catalog, shipping costs, currency exchange rates, payment gateways, sales reports, etc.

Whatever the e-commerce solution you choose, we will configure some or all of your product catalog and we will make sure that customers can buy items and get paid through a payment gateway (later

The design of the store

Of course, your store will need an appearance and a feeling to fit your business brand.

Again, like other CMSs, you will need a web designer to develop a theme or template that transforms the default storefront into any design that you consider for your customers.

Topics can be purchased for free for both WordPress and Magento e-Commere, and you can apply them yourself, but you may prefer to have a design exactly the way you have imagined it and differ from any of your own competitors

The topics are applied from the administration panel. It may be that you can change some aspects of the theme, such as the logo, the background color, the color of the text, but you can not move parts of the theme to different areas of the screen. A web designer should do so by updating the code of the subject.

Domain name and web hosting

Of course, you will need a domain name to negotiate and a hosting plan to store the files and databases of the website.

Normally, it's better not to buy a hosting plan until you've talked to a web designer and they gave you an idea of ​​the best solution to implement.

Many of the cheaper hosting plans offered when acquiring a domain name do not support databases or database applications. They can charge an additional configuration and an annual fee to set it up.

Therefore, try to buy a hosting plan until you talk to a web designer and have an idea of ​​the type of e-commerce solution you'll need to implement your ideas.

Accounts of commercial banks and bank accounts of companies

Certainly in the United Kingdom, you must have a commercial bank account to legally market as a company.

Business bank accounts can be used well with an e-commerce application, but you need to set up a payment gateway service to manage payment transactions and get money from the customer in your bank account.

If you open a commercial bank account and your account manager knows you will run an e-commerce website, you will be offered a merchant bank account, which is a specialized version of the business account.

The merchant account provides you with a merchant identification number and access to a payment gateway service that the bank uses or owns.

You will probably have to pay the settings for a merchant account and will include commissions, usually by transaction.

If you have already set up a merchant account, you will need to make sure that the e-commerce application can support the payment gateway that has given you access to your bank, otherwise you will not get your money.

for example. Lloyds TSB uses Cardnet's trade payment gateway. Royal Bank of Scotland uses the payment gateway for WorldPay merchants.

If you are commercial customers of the Royal Bank of Scotland with a merchant account, you should make sure that the e-commerce application supports the WorldPay gateway.

You do not need to use the specific business account that your business bank offers to exchange online, but you need a payment gateway of some type to manage payments.

This brings us to the payment gateways.

Payment gateways

We have talked about it in the previous section. Basically, a merchant bank account will provide you with a payment gateway to use it, but you only have an account with which your business bank is affiliated.

A payment gateway is a service that a company offers.

Manage the payment part of the e-commerce application when a customer proceeds to purchase to buy an item.

The payment gateway collects customer data and payment information in a secure manner and contacts your bank's business account to complete the money transaction.

This is also ideal for security, since your customer bank details are not maintained on your e-commerce website, so it's one thing to worry about for security.

There are many different payment gateway services with different functions and options. As a service provided, they all charge a fee for their use. Fees may include a configuration fee and a commission% of the total price of a transaction.

Some payment gateways allow you to pay a monthly or annual fee if the number of transactions is high. This will allow you to solve the most effective cost for you if your individual transactions are large, but with an individual individual cost.

You've probably heard of some of the best known gateway service providers and you did not know what. You have probably also used them without noticing that they are there. Some of the most popular payment gateways are:

PayPal, Google Checkout, SagePay, WorldPay and ChronoPay.

It is great that you have an option and that the services have a very competitive price, so you have time to see what is the best option for your business model. If you need help, we would be happy to know the options.

Some payment gateways offer two types of general services; hosted and inclusive.

Paid payment gateways

Normally, these options do not require a setup or a monthly fee, however, the transaction costs may be higher than an inclusive service.

The standard PayPal website Payment service is a good example.

Basically, it limits the customers to have a PayPal account (they must register in the PayPal site) and when it comes to the departure, customers are transferred from their e-commerce website to the PayPal website for the transaction of the information and the payment. Once the redirection process has finished, it is directed back to your e-commerce website.

The disadvantage of this method is really from a brand point of view. You have a very limited control of how the payment gateway service, in this case PayPal, looks and works before resubmitting it to your website.

Some clients can be taken away by redirecting to another site, since security trust can be questioned (although in this case PayPal has a good reputation).

Also limit the method of payment to those customers who are willing to use the payment selection of the payment gateway. In this case, the client must have a registered PayPal account.

A similar process occurs if you use the payment gateway of Google Checkout.

So what's the other option?

Payment gateways included

The payment gateways included will allow your customers to complete the entire purchase process without (without the appearance of) leaving your e-commerce website.

I have added to "the appearance of" because in some cases your clients will leave your website and use the payment gateway service. However, the way it is implemented and incorporated makes it appear to be part of your website and your business brand.

So what's the trap?

There is usually a setup fee, a minimum subscription period (for example, 12 months), a monthly fee and, of course, a lot of conditions that are applied.

Some of the particular conditions that must be considered are the thresholds for the number of monthly transactions or the total of monthly funds transferred. Payment gateway services may charge an additional fee or insist that you update the service if these thresholds are exceeded in a similar way that mobile phone companies will charge you additional if you use all your word or SMS included .

The best advantage of using an integrated payment gateway is that the entire client experience from navigation to payment is organized on your own website. This gives the client a greater sense of confidence that their data will remain secure and makes all their business look and feel more professional.

A good example of this type of service is PayPal Web Payments Pro.

Data protection

If you are using a payment gateway, the good news is that it is unlikely that you store sensitive customer payment details on your e-commerce website.

These data types will be safely kept in your payment gateway account.

Of course, you will collect a lot of important and confidential information from customers, such as name, email, address, likes, dislikes, username and password for your site.

All of this information must be kept secure and the Ecommerce application will help you. The board of administration will have many sections that control who and who can see parts of the collected data.

But this is not the only security you should think about. Do you know what happens when you fill out a form on a website and click Submit?

If you look at the top of the browser in the address bar, you will see the URL of the website. Most sites will start with http: //

(For those who want to know, the URL means Uniform Resource Location and HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)

Any webpage that starts with http: // is transferring data to a web server and from this site in Normal Text.

This means that the content, code, images, text and data on the page of the web page are sent in a format that is readable by humans. It may not be as readable, but in essence all information exists in English characters (or any other language that defines your website).

Now for something more technical.

When your web page is sent or received from a web server, there is no direct connection between 1 and 1 between your website and the server. Web page data is transferred through hundreds of networks across different countries and through thousands of routing computers and other network devices before reaching your computer.

This means that at any time of the trip, the data on your web pages can be intercepted and read by anyone.

There is not much you can do about the interception part, but there is something you can do to make it harder for someone to read and use the data on their ecommerce website.

SSL certificates

Now we are talking.

Let's skip the bit of technology and we will quickly tell you what they are and what they do.

Buy an SSL certificate from a web hosting company (the annual renewal is very likely), install it on your e-commerce website and encrypt the data on your webpage. Hooorah!

You will now notice that the parts of your website, probably those that require personal form data to be collected and sent, now begin with https: //

The addition of this little letter "s", which indicates "Secure", means that the data on the web page is encrypted when sent and decoded only in the two final points; the computer and the web server.

Anyone who reads the page between them will see unreadable characters.

You can also see additional signs of a protected webpage, such as a locked lock icon.

We recommend that you purchase an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and install it and configure it to use it with your hosting account and the e-commerce website.

To sum up

Creating an e-commerce website requires good planning.

You will need a good web design and web development team to implement your business.

It will cost more and it takes more time to create a normal website for blogs or leaflets due to all the design and configuration.

You will make money, and that's all that happens after all …

Hopefully this will help to start the journey of the e-commerce website. Of course, there are a lot of things that we simply did not have time to cover them.

More information about e-commerce on our website.


Setting up your merchant account for online payments


So, do you want to accept payments online?

When it comes to setting up a merchant account for your online business, the process can be frankly confusing. There is much more to identify a merchant bank that can offer you decent rates and nominal rates. Of course, you will want to do a search with good prices when it comes to the commercial bank, but the tariff negotiation is only a small part of the business transaction cycle that you have to take into account.

There are several key components and services that make up the electronic commerce process. Merchant accounts, payment gateways, shopping carts, processors, everything starts to get complicated when you see all the players involved. We recapitulate the basic online payment process:

  1. A customer visits your e-commerce website.
  2. The customer decides to make a purchase.
  3. The selection is added to the shopping cart.
  4. The client provides personal and financial details during the process of departure that are registered through a secure form.
  5. The details sent from the form are transmitted to a payment gateway service, which is different from the technology of the shopping cart. The gateway service securely links the information through the relevant financial networks, including your commercial bank.
  6. If the transaction is successful, the customer credit card account will be paid and your merchant account will be paid.
  7. Once all of the funds have been cleared, you can transfer money to your normal checking account.

So where do you start?

Well, you can search for the different services you need and, once you have established your providers, we hope everyone can integrate with each other, which is unlikely (for example, your payment gateway should be compatible with your shopping cart and your work with your merchant account). You can also find a complete web payment solution that can work with you to manage all the needs of your business account. A good e-commerce provider will offer shopping carts, payment gateways, and business account services, and the best providers are not linked to a single bank; they can work with several banks that will allow them to negotiate the best rates according to type of business and the transaction history. .

When shopping for the right vendor, make sure you find a PCI DSS-compatible provider. PCI or the payment card industry has standards for handling sensitive credit card data and, if you and your provider can not prove compliance, additional charges imposed by the merchant bank may be suffered or you may lose the Possibility of paying with a credit card on your website.

What is a payment gateway?

Most merchants understand the role and purpose of the shopping cart, the merchant bank and the credit card processing company, but what about the payment gateway? A payment gateway is a separate component that serves as the intermediary between the shopping cart and financial networks related to the transaction. The gateway is essentially a virtual version of your TPV terminal. Check the validity, figure out the details of the transaction, ensure that you send the data to the correct destination and then decrypt the answers that are returned to the shopping cart. The process is very perfect and your customer will never interact directly with the same gateway, just the shopping cart.