Door of secret access to men's health

I often feel wives and brides complain that their boy has nothing. When you bother, they complain that they are too busy or that they are not important or need, with an explanation that a quick brushing one time or another is enough to do the job. They should also be forced to go to the dentist, unless they have an important pain. Periodic checks are not the preferred agenda for most men.

According to the General Dentistry Academy, the average man will lose 5.4 teeth for 72 years. If you smoke or chew tobacco, you can plan to lose 12 teeth for 72 years. throat cancer Approximately 40,000 new cases are reported every year; Men are twice as likely to be at risk as women.

With the new research that connects gum diseases to coronary vascular disease, there is a greater risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Gum disease can no longer be considered "a little bleeding when I bite." Chronic inflammation, which has been linked to many systemic illnesses such as AIDS, general fatigue, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and stroke, is a feature of gum disease.

Snoring is common among men. More than 60 percent of men snore between the ages of 41 to 65. Snoring can be fatal when accompanied by sleep apnea. Most people do not realize that they can be treated easily with a dentist-dentist device.

This helps to open the airways, allowing the air to flow freely, avoiding the sound of the snoring. If there is sleep apnea, you should consult a doctor. Sleep apnea is when breathing stops for a few seconds. If it is not treated, it can get worse, causing death.

Sports injuries are also common to men who affect the mouth. You can prevent more than 200,000 injured in the mouth and jaw every year with a simple mouth guard. Jaw fractures, broken teeth, lacerations in the tissues of the mouth and neck injuries are just some of the results of these sports accidents.

Recommendations for oral health of men

Periodic tooth visits may take an hour or two every three or six months. Put it on your calendar and do it. With studies that confirm the relationship of gum diseases to cardiovascular diseases, it is possible that you just save your life. Do not wait until it hurts,

get a review to avoid problems.

Teeth tends to darken with age, smoking, wine and other types of foods or liquids. It is easy to strengthen your professional image by whitening your teeth. Professional treatments are better than free-sale kits. They are regulated and recommended by the dentist based on your particular needs, including whitener strength.

Stop all tobacco-related products. There are tobacco cessation programs that the dentist can recommend. There is a strong link between dental implants and the failure of cosmetic dentistry and the use of tobacco.

If you ask, ask your dentist for an evaluation and treatment option.

If you participate in sports, get a custom personalized protector from your dentist. It will save you money and money.

Practice good oral hygiene. This will improve or avoid bad breath.

Think of your mouth as a door of secret access to your health and do not put it on your health list, but first.

Gateway NV55C: Better if you can

Non-technological people need revisions about technology that speak in a simple language. This revision of the NV55C gateway takes them into account to provide a non-technical review of a laptop to help you when making your purchase options. While the NV55C has a good price, there are defective machines and other twists.

Exemption of liability: I know nothing about technology. Pick up some things here and there, but I do not have enough to become a qualified IT specialist. I know how to turn on the computer, write and turn it off. However, that is why I decided on this review. There are so many of us who depend on the technology, but we do not know which products and services work best.

Everything I knew was that I needed a new laptop after using the Acer Aspire One netbook for a few months and I noticed that its performance was quite insufficient compared to full size laptops. Because my work depends on access to the network and a good operating system, I needed to find something that could download files in less than three minutes and upload them in such a short time. However, like most people, I am on a budget and can not afford the first line models that promise to work even after abusing, such as dropping and spilling coffee.

That's how I came across a Gateway NV55C, since I did not have to go back to HP and its crap products anymore. I had warned against Intel Celeron processors, so I first looked for something with a non-Celeron processor. This machine works with an Intel Pentium P6100, but I'm not sure what it means. I knew that the operating system was a Windows 7 Home Edition, a definitive step in the Windows Starter operating system that still feeds my small Acer.

I have to say that with the DDR3 memory of 3 GB, the 320GB hard drive, the DVD drive and the 16.6-inch LED LCD HDD of 15.6 inches, I only had a little more with the Intel HD graphics and a 1.3 MP webcam. I'm not a gamer nor do I tend to work with programs that require a lot of memory and other special functions to know those who understand how computers work efficiently. I also have to give you points for the Energy Star sticker.

However, after two months, I have noticed a few stretch marks. Radio movies and other videos and I will also listen to podcasts while I work, but I realized that my sound was a bit mediocre. It took me a long time to realize that my correct speaker does not work. * It has never worked, but it took me a bit to find out. Finally, I discovered how to manipulate the sound because it was able to get a little more than just one speaker I have, but it makes a very irritating noise if I put it to rest with the volume at high capacity. Believe me it's a very scary noise.

I am also beginning to notice that the web browser can freeze when it did not previously. I usually have multiple windows open, but this has never been a real problem. I have a very good high speed connection, so I doubt that freezing is due to both browsing and streaming simultaneously.

In general, I could get used to this laptop in the coming months, except that in a way I have a lot of money that will allow me to pay for a new laptop. After all, this cost only less than $ 350 including taxes and processing. I hope someday I can get a higher machine on the line that does not go wrong. Until then, I will get used to hearing music from an ear. **

* Since then I've found some very cheap USB speakers to get a smaller volume from my laptop.
** Since then I had to use the Acer again to create documents, since the hardware of the gateway broke and slowed down the computer for almost half an hour trying to open documents in Word.

Tantra: gateway to ecstasy

You and about 4,000 million other humans on the planet are shy about sex; surely you're not alone. Many of us have been subjected to a rather harsh negative social conditioning that tells us that sex is bad, dirty and dangerous. It may be, but it should not be that way. If you want to learn about a healthy, mature adult sexuality, it's the time and place to do it. If you want to recover your birth right to be in a body and experience the pleasure and emotional connection and the spiritual awakening that sacred sex makes possible, this is the time and place to do it: the sex of Tantra.

Tantra teaches the whole of life: listen to the body, open the heart, merge with the space of consciousness.

The ancient arts of sacred love are becoming a preferred path for many modern Westerners who seek sensual fulfillment and spiritual awakening.

Tantra is the place to meet yourself and your sexuality.

Tantra improves your love in many levels. Through Tantra, tantric sex skills improve their sex life: controlling the main ejaculation (not perhaps, but definitively) and the ability to maintain erection for long periods of time without the use of delivery technology Viagra drugs or nasals to enjoy more lasting sex.

Tantra (tantric sex) will give your partner more sexual satisfaction and orgasm that you have always wanted. You will also discover the tantric practice of "orgasm of the valley", the ability to orgasm without losing semen or energy. He will also experience the orgasm of the whole body tantric.

Tantra will guide you in the secrets and sexual practices of Tantric to satisfy your wife not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

Anyone can have sex, but something special needs to go from physical activity to privacy. Sexual intimacy involves the full range of sensual perceptions that include touch, kiss, looks, reception expressions, communication, comments and, of course, sexual relationships and orgasm. Tantra's privacy exercises can help you connect more with your partner.

Kerry and his wife Diane founded the Australia School of Tantra, North Sydney Australia. Over the past fifteen years, Kerry and Diane Riley have been teaching workshops and Tantra seminars for singles and couples, as well as providing individual couples inquiries for beginners and intermediate and advanced students.

His seminars and workshops on tantra sexuality and the Tantra goddess have been a regular feature of the Body, Mind and Spirit festivals in Sydney and Melbourne. The success of the workshops and sessions of Kerry and Diane has been the object of numerous articles in the magazines of Sydney Morning Herald, Nova, Ralph, Penthouse, Men's Health and FHM.

Originally trained as a shiatsu therapist, Kerry Riley has been trained by yoga teachers and meditation at Dojo & # 39; to Japan. He was recognized worldwide for the success of the "Kerry Riley Mind Power" course, which more than 40,000 people attended between 1985 and 1995.

Diane was trained as a yoga teacher and meditation with the East West Foundation, then Kerry studied Sacred Sexuality and Tantra with authors Stephen Chang, Moore University, The Muirs, Larry Collins, David and Ellen Ramsdale and associated esoteratic systems.

They co-created Tantra video, the DVD "The Secrets of Sacred Sex" sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide. This is just one aspect of the quality of your work. No other Tantra professor in Australia has such a respected and international recognition.

For more information on this topic, you can find it at (

The Tarot: a gateway between worlds?

Towards the end of his remarkable life, Aleister Crowley published a fundamental work on the Tarot of the Egyptians. The title of the work was Thoth's book and included an analysis of the Tarot cover painted by Lady Frieda Harris in the design of Crowley.

The seventy eight letters of this cover, formed by twenty-two key charts, or To you, forty letters numbered in four dresses and sixteen letters of court, each of which contains a compendium of symbols derived from astrology, cábala, alchemy, myth and history. Together, the symbols of each card form a coherent personality, an entity rooted in the reality of the cosmos. This is critical, because without a solid metaphysical infrastructure, the Tarot would not be more than a set of beautiful image cards; That is exactly what many covers are available. In contrast, the cover of Crowley was designed from the beginning as a representation of the tree of kabbalistic life.

Small letters, numbered between one and ten in trousers, swords, dots and glasses, reside in the ten sephiroths (emanations) of the tree. The royalty of the Tarot, the sixteen letters of the court, the knight, the queen, the prince and the princess, reside in the sephiroth of the pillar of the midst of the tree of life. The quatern of costumes and court letters corresponds to the Yod Heh Vav Heh of the Tetragrammaton and to the metaphysical quaternities of Air, Fire, Earth and Water, as well as the four worlds of Kabbalism, # 39; Atziluth, Beriah, Yetzirah and Assiah.

The twenty-two To you He resides in the paths between Sephiroth and can be identified with the anabolic and catabolic forces that define the tensions and relationships between Sephiroth, which can be considered as fundamental emanations of reality.

He To you Have names that can be considered as glyphs of the combinations of metaphysical powers that conduct the experience perceived subjectively and objectively. For example, when we look at The Crazy person, we immerse ourselves in the innocence of spring, the creativity madness of nature without restriction and the chaos of natural being. With El Magico, we feel the enormous power that unites blind force to natural law and custom, without which the universe could not exist. And so it is with each one of the personalities of the Tarot.

As we will testify to any metaphysical or magician, when we meditate on these letters of the Tarot, when we use them in acts of divination, we deal with the real but often subtle and abstract powers of nature linked to understandable living entities that speak directly with our minds and spirits . These personalities constitute a gateway between worlds; They are conducts of wisdom and madness, of reverence and mockery: it depends on us to know the difference in the course of our magical discourse. Use these tools prudently and do not underestimate your power.

Alicante – Gate of the United Kingdom to the Spanish Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca in Spain has long been a popular holiday destination for British tourists. Most tourists arrive at the airport of Alicante before heading to the holiday resorts of Benidorm, Calpe, Moraira, Xàbia and Denia.

Alicante is known as the capital of the Costa Blanca and is located directly in the Mediterranean, although most of Costa's visitors will know its airport, but it is worth visiting this beautiful city. Check out the sea views from Santa Barbara Castle, located on the Benacantil mountain, which can be accessed at the top with an elevator located on the rock in front of Postiguet Beach.

Aside from the view, it is worth examining the strange rocky formation, which reminds us of the face of a Moor, and the Bonfires Museum (Bonfire Museum) showing surprising figures created for festivals of Fogueres in June. The CAPA collection is also located here, with examples of modern Spanish sculpture, including works by Dali.

The Santa Faces monastery also deserves a look, though only by the legend attached to the place where it is: a pilgrim brought a relic of the cloth that was used to clear the blood of Jesus' face at the crucifixion in Alicante in the century XVI. Century and with that, it caused a miracle to take place … Visit the monastery to learn the whole story.

Museum lovers who look for something different from the usual remains of ceramics, etc., will enjoy a change to the Birth Museum, which is located in the old town of Alicante. In addition to an interesting collection of Christmas brick-brac, the museum shows beautiful scenes of nativity scenes around the world. The Taurí Museum also offers a little different from the norm: a permanent screen centered on several local bullfighters, with rooms assigned to presentations and debates on this controversial subject.

For a more conventional museum experience, try the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts, with the collection of pieces from the 20th to the Middle Ages. Alternatively, the Aseguarda Museum offers a good collection of contemporary works, among teachers such as Miro, Dalí and Gargallo, as well as some non-Spanish artists.

Alicante beaches are also as good as you will find on the coast, especially on San Juan Beach, which, with an endless number of 7 kilometers of fine sand and a wide range of facilities, In addition to a golf course near 18 holes.

The city center is full of shops and restaurants, as well as several shopping centers on the outskirts, such as Gran Via, Vista Hermosa and Panoramis. Food is definitely nice in Alicante, where you will find a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants in El Barrio and El Puerto. Both locations offer very different atmospheres, the charm of the old quarter of El Barrio contrasting very well with the modern location of the Marina with the marina.

The Port (which means "El Puerto") offers a regular service in Barcelona, ​​the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, France and North Africa. Regular ferries and ferries, rail and freeway links to Barcelona, ​​Murcia, Dénia and Madrid and the international airport make Alicante the gateway to the Costa Blanca.

Setup of the basic DSL wireless gateway for AT & T 2wire 2701HG-B

If you are reading this document, you are likely to be alert to how you can configure your new AT & T 2wire DSL router. Throughout this document, you could be using a 2wire 2700HG-B wireless router, but this tutorial could even be applied to different routers with which 2Wire provides AT & T. The first thing to do when organizing your DSL 2wire router is connecting DSL filters to all your phone jacks, the place we propose to have a phone. In one of the many DSL filters, it is best to see a double filter that reads Phone and DSL / HPNA, in the facet that says that DSL / HPNA connects a telephone line to this port, and then executes the other end of the telephone line on the phone. the new port of the DSL 2wire router.

After having connected the telephone line, connect an ethernet cable to port 1 of the router, and then connect the other end of the ethernet cable to your PC. After making the connections between your PC and the DSL modem, and the modem and the DSL filter. You can then connect the power adapter to the router and connect the adapter to the power outlet.

As soon as the DSL 2wire router is switched on, it is better to see an inexperienced light after power, ethernet and DSL. Once you see these lights with no experience on the 2wire router, the next thing you can do is open an online browser similar to Web Explorer. After opening the web browser, you will have to see the windows that resemble those that appear below. When you see this window, press the following button, which should ask you to get the DSL 2wire configuration tool.

Once the DSL 2wire setup instrument is installed, you must open the screen for the 2wire gateway authentication, you just have to select the yes button. Afterwards you have When authenticating the 2wire router, you must set an administrative password on the router. We recommend establishing a password with uppercase, with a few numbers for security reasons. This password will be useful if you are trying to modify the configuration of the 2wire router. To enter the router before or after to vary any configuration, simply enter in your Internet browser.

Subsequently, you have set a password on the router, click on the button below to start registering your 2wire modem with AT & T. After registering your router, read it by clicking on the button I agree. After accepting the agreement with AT & T SBC Yahoo DSL, you must create a consumer's title and password in your DSL account. To start organizing your new person, identify and enter the password to the landline number that you have obtained from AT & T.

After you have created your new username and password, there will be another progress screen, and then click on the finishing button. After completing the steps, close your current browser and restart your computer, this can solve community problems. After restarting the laptop, open the net browser and navigate the web along with your AT & T 2wire DSL router.

In case you are busy with the forwarding of ports to the 2wire router, open a web browser and, in, type the URLs bar. Once you have clicked on the send button and the window that resembles the next one, it must appear. The password that we just created before for the 2wire router, would be the one you use here when you change the configuration of the 2wire DSL router.

E-commerce solution with payment gateway solutions for easy checks

The integrated payment gateway creates a revolution and provides an impeccable and simple payment method. Suitable for all types of companies and for those webmasters who want their ecommerce website to be built in less than an hour, ecommerce solution providers can help you to do so Customers by inserting URLs and also providing previously prepared prepaid shopping carts with 50 main payment gateways along with the recommended Link Point payment gateway, thus providing an e-commerce solution that guarantees easy payment. The ecommerce solution website can only integrate the shopping cart and can go with the e-commerce solution of Link Point payment gateway and other service providers like Verysign, and PayPal, etc.

The next thing that is important in terms of payments made is to obtain optimal security and many prefer PayPal, which is the most widely used and trusted payment system for online businesses through PayPal. website PayPal's payment system has an easy-to-use interface for online shopping cart software. If you want to sell products to your site, you must be able to offer a way to receive orders and pay for your customers. One of the easiest and most accessible ways to do this is through PayPal. If you have your own URL, you can integrate with your unique shopping cart, along with the integrated e-commerce solution for integrated payment gateway from Link Points and other service providers like Verysign, and PayPal, etc. .

When you use the free shopping cart with PayPal on your website, the customer pays through PayPal several items with a single payment and sends an immediate notification to the online store that receives the payment. The PayPal shopping basket is a low cost ticket to accept payments with credit card and bank accounts, and can be fully integrated with your website. PayPal's IPN is an easy-to-use e-commerce solution for customers to pay through PayPal, as well as having a merchant account at the PayPal site. In this way, both the consumer and the merchant can have financial transactions through the online shopping cart that has PayPal as one of its doors.

There are reliable ecommerce solutions providers that fit into more viable sources to get a merchant account for paid transactions and this also guarantees security. The package offered today consists of digital certificates, application fees, installation fees, full-time customer support, minimum monthly commission, gateway commission and transaction that is offered at a nominal price with satisfaction guaranteed by the client. In the integration, e-commerce solution providers place the product type in clear terms, present in the list of online packages. Providers of e-commerce solutions have integrated payment gateways, preferably a link point, PayPal and PayPal Pro, viaKLIX, payQuake, PayInnovative, optimal payment, innovative payment, new network, WorldPay, payment gateway for Google, Google Payment Gateway, Bank of America's top standards, 2Checkout, authorize .net, CberSource, iBill, Moneris, Paymentech, Payment Plug, SkipJack Financial Services, US ePay and many more online to make the transaction of Easy, flawless and safe payment.

Wooler – Northumberland – The Gateway to the Cheviots

Wooler is a small city located in Northumberland in England. It borders the Northumberland National Park, with the Cheviot hills very close. That's why the city has been the favorite base of many walkers from work. It is known as the gateway to the hills of Cheviot. Wooler – Northumberland has more to offer walking routes, though.

In the city you will find many interesting shops, several pubs and many accommodation establishments, including hotels, hostels and a couple of campsites.

Wooler is on the A695, which offers a direct link to Coldstream to Scottish Border.

The natural beauty and the clean air of Wooler have turned it into the favorite of nature lovers for centuries. Of course, the fact of being a good starting point for the Northumberland National Park has only increased its popularity.

The Woolmer area has numerous walking trails. If you are a lover of the open air, you will simply love the many circular routes available here. One of the most popular is the route that surrounds the Chillingham Park, which allows visitors to see the bestsellers of Chillingham who have been traveling for centuries from safe points of view.

Wooler: The Cochrane Pike route will take you through the country of sheep, where you will be amazed by the sound of oyster recipients, curlew, pipit of meadows and the mountain range.

An easy and interesting option is to take one of the four Cornhill routes that run the field immediately around Wooler. You will walk through old railroad tracks, dirt paths, riverside and ferries trails. The time needed for the different routes is different, but generally you do not have to be very apt to embark on one of the routes of Cornhill.

If you like nature and want to walk, Wooler – Northumberland is the ideal weekend for you.

Meditation: the gateway to the soul

Meditation is the gateway to the soul. Provide the illuminated path of moving from the soul to spiritual unity. It is the key to unlocking the ego of the soul itself, so changing the energy of the soul's own ego as one with our soul leads, therefore, to unite spiritually within our own soul It is within the meditation that we move vibrational to connect with the Spirit. Meditation helps us with our spiritual journey to achieve the purpose of our lives in this life experience. The benefits of meditation, although free from being sought after in meditation, are, in fact, derived from the practice of meditation. Some of them include being centered, focused and grounded – especially in the midst of the appearance of the illusion called distractions, balance and harmony of the soul, a deep genuine feeling of calmness and relaxation, a Continued state of love and absurd welfare, a memory of our connection with all, of all, for all, and in all that is, and in the consciousness of the infinite moment.

Meditation is the key to continually maintaining an inner peace and calming it. Momentary meditation at the moment allows us to remain connected to infinite love, to infinite knowledge, to infinite wisdom, to infinite comprehension, to infinite connection with everything, to infinite light, even when it can occur the perceived madness of life and the circumstances of life.

Meditation is simple the act of interiorizing, changing energy and being inside. Free to put any type of energy in the illusion of time or linear space. Free from the perceptions of what we call here in this dimension of the earth as rules, regulations or judgments. It is simply to be with what is at the moment and to recycle or change the energy, even our energy to reflect it.

Meditation is the tool we use to focus and focus on our lives. So that we can feel the natural joy, peace, absolute love and balance of balance. Thus, when the storms or hurricanes of the perceived life reach us, we will be an observer of chaos, instead of a participant in it. We are the center of calm and serenity in the storm's eye. What a wonderful change in the perception of separating yourself from some way of life, from everything and from every soul inside! We are free from the perceived need to bring the victim or martyred clothes that we had an axiom when we are in a meditative state. When they are based and focus on the physical body and within the soul at every moment of the infinite moment, we simply observe the illusionary storm of the ego proper to the electronic movements of the soul (or energy on the move) to help us with the re-member or memory of soul reminders through the experience of life), such as pain or anger, pass through us, as it is free to stay in or with us in a meditative resonance.

We can discover that those souls that are apparently illuminated in the paradigm that we had been before, will ask for help. This will be our chance to help all souls to move the axioms of what they believe to be in spiritual unity. At that moment, we are the presenter or present or gift of this gift, as well as the recipient of one of the great gifts of this dimension of earth and the celestial cosmos … the gift of absolute love. Since this gift of love and compassion absurdly poured out from us, we will extend the healing seeds of the soul towards this dimension of the earth and in it towards the universe cosmos to illuminate all souls . The beautiful buds and the fruits of this gift will flourish around us and the change of energy will take place through the universal cosmos. We will note the change of energy in us and in our consciousness and in this dimension of the earth that surrounds us while we want to assume an enlightened state of wonderful and inspiring life.

Dimensions of the Earth Duality Ways to meditate

The Spirit shares that in the dimensional meditation of the earth, we ask that we be anxiety with a form of meditation of duality. This form of meditation says that there are some types of steps that we must do, a certain state that we must reach and a certain way of being. The meditation techniques of the Earth include the repetition of an affirmation like the chanting of a mantra, or perhaps following our breath, looking at a candle flame, listening to other words that guided us by souls , etc. stay in the present moment and allow our spirit, our soul, to be guided to be free from the physical body that is on the brink of the brain. These techniques use a fixed experience outside of the physical body to focus and try to keep, calm, go out or, in some way, separate the brain from the physical body and its programs that work.

Spirit explains that it is like a computer. Let the physical body be like a computer and that this computer machine continues to work just like this computer, we choose to execute another. The computer or machine of the physical body is free to know anything else until we show it to you in another way of perceiving life. What the spiritual light infinitely reveals with the traditional form of meditation is that we are still trying the brain of the physical body, which is free to remain still. It appears the wisdom that the physical body and the brain that is included in the physical body, is a machine, and that it is programmed to continue running until we stop it by dream. Even during sleep, the physical body maintains an existence to keep the heart tilting, the breathing that is inside to keep it. Therefore, we are free to grasp the brain of the physical body.

What essentially occurs within what we call here in this dimension of the earth as a traditional means of mediation is that we create a vicious circle of trying to maintain what it does not intend to maintain. Through a continuous praxis in this way of being, what we call here in this dimension of the earth as a result can and can be felt. However, Spirit says that normally when we meditate in this way it tends to be what is called distracted by the brain's physical processing machine, although derivations like "Oh, I forgot to make dinner plates" and "I have this report tomorrow for the boss "and" Oh, what will I use to work tomorrow? We'll see maybe this blouse or shirt, or maybe … "When these distractions take place, we reach the illusion of the ego same of the soul as "Oh, this meditation is for birds" and we fear to continue developing any form of practice in meditation. Meditation then looks like a feared one if I want to to be Illuminated way of life, from which we avoid.

Multidimensional meditation is everything

Being of the infinite spiritual light knows that there have been many what we call here in this dimension of the earth as spiritual teachers and mentors who have given rise to this message of this form of meditation. We thank you for bringing us this wisdom, as it has allowed us to remember and value the spiritual wisdom of multidimensional meditation.

There were moments for many years of the size of the earth that would be within the ego of the soul with my ex-husband, since he would spend (in this concept of dimension of land known as in time) hours exactly what I call "vegging & # 39; in front of the television. , even slept there. Or I would spend what I called then "too much time" on the computer playing computer games and such. I used to have a huge ego about it.

I was when I received the information channeled through the infinitely spiritual light, that I got to change the axiom that I had kept for so long within the ego ego of the soul, believing that # 39 , somehow I separated him. His computer playing and his television immediately sent me back to that little girl of six years who chose an election to take a "decision" to cut her father because she believed she did not love her and that she was not worthy of it. an absolute love I write from within The soul remembering me through the experience of life in an absolute love. This illusion created another illusion that Aaron did this to "be separated from me" to mean that I was separated from him, separated from life and unworthy of absolute love.

The soul that I remembered arose once I remembered that this was amazing to me. The Spirit shared the wisdom that my old husband only meditated. That television and computer games were his form of meditation! Wow! It was as if someone had lit the light of my soul! This revelation returned to my father to realize that what happened when I was six years was just an event that only happened to me to remember that soul that had just happened to him. with my ego tied around my father and my old husband in reaction to who they wanted to be.

At this time of revelation, I chose to change the axiom of the resonance I chose to be In choosing to be at that time and I chose to be enlightened, which provoked a way of being in the soul reminding me of the experience of life in compassion and in forgiveness to allow the my father and Aaron to be in the same way that they are free that they have to change them or fix them. That they are whole and complete as they are and how much we feel for them an absolute love that is the light of those who find themselves in this form of meditation. I was able to give, to give thanks for each one of them, making known the wisdom of this soul, remembering me and the Spirit for your wisdom.

When we choose to see meditation, even if the multidimensional spiritual unit, anything and everything that we are and choose to be, tin to be a meditation Walk to the bus stop, do the dinner, wash your clothes, eat. Reading this book right now is a meditation. These daily experiences of the Earth are meditative when we bring the unity of infinite possibilities and the fullness of our being to our experience.

How much awareness and presence can we have while we rent the dishes? What a gift, what a gift, in this presence of washing the dishes! Spirit shares with us that, in multidimensional meditation, there are still energies that pass through the body's physical brain, but we are free of any static electrical subjection. We can allow the brain of the physical body to continue with its machinery program, free of having to change it or fix it, but simply allow it to be while continuing with our meditation. It is simply to include and merge the brain of the physical body in the meditative process that gifts generate infinite possibilities in mediation. Create a meditation as a process FUN (universal sense kNowledge), happy, joyful and absolutely loving. Even cleaning, dinner, washing and folding of clothes can be considered VARIOUS, happy and happy, as we are "falling in love with these things through the meditative process and spiritual inspiration, being" in the "spirit" that gives us!

Feeling that hot water crosses our hands, the sound of washing the paella, the smell of soap while cleaning – the beauty, fear and wonder of this dimension of the earth looking for the window while we clean – this is also meditation. Meditation is an effortless awakening of the soul through universal multidimensional processes here in this dimension of the earth. Whenever we are concentrating on something, even while we are meditating the power of the machine that is constantly working. We can meditate walking or moving, stretching, standing and sitting; silent or talking. We are free from the "having" of being able to be sitting in a certain meditative position to be everything that is more comfortable for us at all times. We are free to have to "soothe" the brain of the physical body or reach a certain state. We can simply allow the physical body, the brain within the physical body, and the Soul or the Spirit to be jointly created harmonically as one. Free to be separate entities that can be controlled or put aside. Free to have to "do" anything, since meditation is always, in any case, with us and with us. Free of just to be like a.

It is when we are consciously aware of "what is" at the moment that gives us a sense of perfumed beatitude! All our attempts to strive, fight, achieve and achieve a certain state of enlightenment now go to a space of spiritual unity within the meditative experience, within our soul and within VIDA (Living infinitely from experience) and we are being a playful witness. of our divine being. It is the simple experience of our own essence, our inner core so rich and full of life! This is what meditation is.

In the dimensional meditation of the earth, in the corporal resonance, it is believed that it reaches a delta brain state. There are what are thought to be four activity states of the brain wave. It is well known that the brain is an electrochemical organ. It is through this electrical connection in the physical body that gives us our soul connection. The electrical activity from the brain is shown in the form of brain waves. When it resides in a state of multidimensional meditation, we can see and resonate deeply in our soul that what is known here in this dimension of the earth as these four states is really as one, and they occur instantly, simultaneously in the physical body brain during multidimensional meditation. They are free to be four different and separate states that must pass through. "Rather, they are the physical body and the brain responds to multidimensional meditation.

Multidimensional meditation gives an awareness of how our core essence is just simply. On this concept of time of the dimension of the earth, we are observers, capable of doing just as being the Observer to see in sync to experience absolute love within and observe our humanity, this machine des from an observer perspective or by observing what an event is taking place and our electronic movements of this event, free to be involved in the events and electronic movements that are happening. We gain the freedom to choose whether we should act according to our energies and electronic movements. We treasure the inner wisdom of being in the moment and the electronic dramas. All wisdom, all energy and all the paths of meditation are within us. Thus, we come to resonate with the wisdom of the Spirit that our soul already knows that we have simply forgotten: that we are continually in the practice of meditation at all times. Then, in multidimensional meditation, we open the path of the sliding soul effortlessly towards the forms considered as forms of the land dimension of traditional meditation, since we are free to feel that in a way "we suppose "meditate in a certain way, or achieve, or achieve anything, since we are already meditation in everything and in anything. It is already there, and we are free to have to "do" anything, we can only to be.

Gateway and Integrator: the essential catalysts for VoIP Evolution

The cases of compelling companies are difficult to obtain. Quality and safety are the subject of FUD. Perhaps the most important thing is that companies that have enough advantage to appreciate the operational benefits of intellectual property have recently implemented advanced TDM solutions that are connected to their contact management systems. These investments still have the necessary distance to travel before they can be canceled.

However, the perception of industry wisdom supported by analyst predictions and all the collected recent research data points to the day in which all companies will implement a VoIP solution. The argument of a single network infrastructure to transport all the data of the company (voice, data and video) is logical and convincing. The savings available to ignore the cost of renting lines and calls from PSTN can be converted into millions per year under certain circumstances. It has shown that technology works out of the box and daily we read about (and implement) innovations that raise the quality and certainty bar of VoIP to the point that it is indistinguishable from what the PSTN provides.

The reality is that no transport technology ever replaced another at night: it is this technology to transport people, goods or electrically generated signals. (The Stevenson Rocket brought rail passengers to the United Kingdom for the first time in 1829. The last operational diligence in the United Kingdom – Minehead to Lynton made its trade in 1926.) Transport technologies evolve and have always relied on a point of delivery or a gateway to provide the user with the advantages of both old and new at the most appropriate point. This point is determined by the cost, like the majority of the evolutions of the human effort. For the same reason, the VoIP gateway is an essential element of the evolution of traditional TDM voice systems to VoIP solutions.

Hardware manufacturers, among which PBX companies stand out, depend on new product lines to guarantee their future. In line with the wisdom and predictions of the industry, the next range of PBX products is a VoIP solution with the essential PSTN gateway that asks clients the important leap to VoIP. But, as we have seen, there are some significant barriers to this jump. Therefore, the distributor channel must look for ways to enable the jump and maintain revenue streams, while its clients summarize the value to achieve this.

This is the role of the independent VoIP gateway. Allows a combination of traditional VoIP telephony and telephony in one implementation and with the advanced VegaStream dial planner capability; The user's experience will not change at all. The gateway allows companies to take advantage of their investment in private IP networks between places to bring voice without changing their current phone systems. The gateway allows remote workers to connect directly through the omnipresent broadband IP network to the company's PBX system. And with the deployment of proxy servers, the gateway allows road warriors "to be in the office" where they can connect their SIP devices to the Internet.

Previously, it was mentioned that VoIP technology works "out of the box". This is the case of the showroom; to the exhibition floor and in the controlled environment of the WAN company. However, real-world implementations involve third-party PBXs and desktop devices (and the multitude of TDM signaling protocols), the specific technologies of broadband carriers, IP SIP or H323 protocols, interface and access to PSTN for minimum emergency service calls) and a real understanding of customer needs and business drivers. This is the domain of the communications system integrator specialist.

VegaStream has spent the past eight years perfecting the technology of VoIP gateways in the laboratory and with business and transportation clients. Although we continue to evolve new solutions to address issues such as security and audio quality and to build the signaling protocol interface stack, the company is focusing its energy on transferring skills to specialized communications system integrators. These skills will allow you to identify, propose and implement successfully combined TDM and VoIP solutions, the essential catalyst for the evolution of the next generation of converging communications.

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