Mobile banking applications: implementation of WAP billing


Wireless Application Protocol, commonly known as the WAP Acronym, is a free global standard that allows mobile tools such as smartphones, iPhones and laptops to acquire an Internet connection and become compatible with large network carriers . The possibility of authorizing transactions allows WAP to replace the recent implementation of mobile banking applications through bidirectional messaging (SMS).

The WAP billing process works through the Wireless Markup Language (WML), an HTML adaptation to build wireless applications through independent platforms. In a standard WAP billing process, packets of data associated with wireless devices travel through wireless networks to WML configurations to a WAP gateway / server. The most essential part of the data is reconfigured and transferred to a web server with the most common HTML capability. The functionality of this process is only possible if HTML packages travel successfully through a WAP gateway / server, route to a wireless device.

The WAP solutions described are usually in two parts:

1) a WAP server that distributes information and applications i

2) a WAP gateway that controls access

Its good operation is based on business models incorporated by banks / operators. Currently, WAP banking systems use closed models that allow WAP servers and gateways to reside in the network's operating site. This allows banks to free control of their information and provide access to applications and mobile banking operators. Unfortunately, the aforementioned closed models come equipped with a security defect that protects the vital information through "net text" through the gateway. On the other hand, the open solutions of models equipped with footbridge and server situations programmed on the secure intranet of the banks will counter any threat, while closed models allow commercialization without serious installation costs for banks.

Let's face it, in most cases it is required that clients take the initiative for their banking needs, such as going to an ATM, making a deposit or transferring, or calling a call center with their automated service systems to the customer. These are the channels that require the client to take the initiative. Whether it's driving, walking or waiting, any delay can hinder the management of our finances. However, if we take advantage of the fact that there are more than four times the number of phones (smartphones, iPhones, etc.) that circulate today for PC, our lives could be less problematic. With mobile banking and WAP billing applications used by leading banks around the world, banking can be done with less inconvenience, more comfort and more security.


Importance of a modern SMSC for bulk SMS


In recent times, there are several people who are constantly a cradle of lack of employment and business ideas. Online market trends are moving towards greater competition, and a niche product is massive SMS. This messaging industry includes SMS (or short message service) that allows the user to send and receive text messages from and to mobile devices. What is a SMSC and how is it done? Read on to learn more.

What is an SMSC?

In simple terms, SMSC's abbreviation is "short message service center". It acts as a focal point for receiving and sending messages from one person to another. In addition, bulk messaging services also involve applications to send SMS to the same and vice versa in a two-way conversation. For example, if you have sent a message to a friend, the SMSC processes the written message and then sends it back to your friend. In the same way, bank transactions, ATM messages or any other message based on the application are processed by SMSC.

Although there are several organizations that rely on SMSC to operate their SMS (bulk) companies, it is crucial to choose a bulk messaging service provider that uses the modern SMSC protocol.

Some important points to remember:

· The SMS gateway also refers to a direct gateway to SMSC

· It is a medium that allows SMS messages to send and receive via email, web pages and software applications

· The gateway connects to SMSC of a mobile operator through the Internet or leased line connections.

· The message format is converted into the SMPP protocol, formed by SMSC

· SMS aggregators use SMSC gateways to offer SMS services to customers

Therefore, companies can offer the services in a reliable, fast and affordable way through the use of a modern and technologically advanced gateway.

Bulky SMS Applications

Now that the concept of SMSC is clear, let's move on to the applicability of the services. In short, the possibilities of using bulky SMS in organizations are endless. There may be new ways to evolve for more possibilities, including the regular use of SMS. It has also been shown that the use of powerful SMS gives a more professional perspective for many companies. An organization can keep in touch with its customers, clients and staff in a totally customizable format. Only a simple sender ID is all you need to send and receive large messages. Some popular application areas are:

· Schools

· Private institutions

· Companies with high consumption

· Churches

· Health institutions

· Logistics departments

People can also use various SMS services to send massive messages on festive occasions, seminars, wedding invitations and much more.

Impact of SMS industry

Relentlessly, there is great potential in the business, especially when the service provider is presumed to be a modern SMSC. You can find several of these providers that will handle and deliver seamlessly billions of messages to your purpose. Their systems are designed to manage millions of messages in a second and are profitable, durable and safe.

Without a doubt, there is no doubt about the profitability of this sector. So, before addressing an SMS messaging solution for your business, make sure you have a competent SMSC from your provider.


VoIP: the exception that proves the rule


In fact, corporate accounts are often forced to adopt a new voice platform by large-scale long-term investments in a legacy PBX. Meanwhile, SMEs are offering low value, low-cost and high-value proposals from service providers like Skype, Devil7 and Evoxus. In addition, the recent advances in the IP-PBX and the gateway space promise a great opportunity for the distributor focused on the SME market.

VegaStream's Vega 50 6×4 is the last configurable door aimed at the SME market. This product allows the distributor to offer a wide range of IP / TDM gateway options that support interchange lines and analog endpoints as well as the basic ISDN rate in a single compact factor. Driven by VegaStream's configuration and marking software, this gateway provides a simple and unique solution to migrate and integrate the typical amalgam of lines acquired by the growing SMB to a converged VoIP solution.

In an associated movement, VegaStream has also become a corporate sponsor of SIPFoundry, the nonprofit organization dedicated to developing open source software for SIP-based communications on standard industry platforms. SIPFoundry is following the Linux / Red Hat model with Pingtel adopting the role of Red Hat as a company to bring SIPFoundry production to the market as a fully supported and marketed product. The current Pingtel IP-PBX offer sells up to 70% less cost than equivalent solutions from traditional telecommunication hardware vendors. Look at the way to meet your goal "bring the PC's economy to the VoIP industry."

For once, it seems that SMEs can have advantages over companies.

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Integration and customization of Microsoft CRM: SharePoint document gateway


MS CRM is very close to the automation of document workflows, including Microsoft Office documents: words, Excel, etc. The workflow of the document was perfectly automated 10 years ago in Lotus Notes Domino. This small article describes the solution based on the integration of MS CRM with MS SharePoint.

Microsoft CRM is a new player in the market for CRM applications and is gaining its market share. Having a different paradigm in its design (commitment to the operating system and Microsoft technologies and completely discard the alternative platform, such as UNIX, Linux, Oracle, etc.). The Microsoft CRM market is very diversified: from small (5 users) to large (several hundred MS CRM user licenses) and it serves different industries: transportation, logistics, lawyers, pension funds, high technology and many others. The deployment of technologies, such as Windows Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange 2003/2000, SQL Server, Crystal Reports Enterprise, Biztalk, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Great Plains and Navision in the near future: turns CRM into an estimated system for computer departments oriented to Microsoft.

Let's go to the subject.

The main problem with document storage in MS CRM in the form of Activity Attachments is not able to work on these attachments in cooperation with other colleagues, who do not have to use CRM. When several service people are required who request the same client. Currently, you can use an alternative way to store office documents in folders on your filesystem and when you modify the document, save it and reconnect it to CRM. This is uncomfortable, since it first requires that all users of the edition have CRM licenses, which delay the implementation of the CRM.

We seem to increase the popularity of document storage systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle Files, etc. These systems, which are implemented, offer time savings, related to revisions of documents and versions, approval cycles and workflows, access to the web through web portals systems and the like.

The goal of our product is to integrate Microsoft SharePoint with MS CRM for document storage. Let's take a look at the high-level technical details:

o Main MS CRM side modification is the change in behavior of the standard system when you open attached to the Activity. The unmodified standard CRM proposes you to store documents in the file system. Modified document of version versions in the SharePoint document library (the required library is configured for the MS CRM system administrator) or retained in MS CRM as it is (for minor documents). From the moment you save the document to the SharePoint document library, it is not stored in MS CRM: CRM will now store only the link / reference to the document. It is also given the possibility to open and modify the document at the opening site, which substantially streamlines the performance of MS CRM users.

Table, storing links to documentation is in a separate database and it does not deal with MS CRM tables (you know that it is prohibited to make structure changes to MS CRM db)

o The saving of documents in the MS SharePoint process takes place in MS CRM and with its assistance: the SharePoint bridge, which adds and updates the existing document to the destination document library with MS SharePoint web service calls

oIn the incorporation into the document library, MS CRM – SharePoint Bridge registers the document in the special table for the future data extraction registry or notification mechanism

o Then interested users can work with documents using only MS Office 2003 or other editing programs / tools, assuming that these tools have access to MS SharePoint

oFeedback is provided by the MS SharePoint events manager component. This is a special driver, which inspects the status of the document change, is transferred from MS CRM to document storage (SharePoint) and informs the owner of the activity about the changes with the notifications of the page main (user user's page in MS CRM). The user, in turn, can review the document's edit history: who, when and where is the change

o Opening activity, where the document is "connected" and, in fact, placed in the MS SharePoint document library and press the open button, the MS CRM user obtains the Live version of the data.

oThis approach allows you to work smoothly with the MS CRM document in all your company's news space

o The additional improvements to this product can be the management of document libraries directly from MS CRM (web interface – that is, remote), administration interface for MS Sharepoint document review, capacity to create reports on the status of document storage, rights / access management (author, reader, collaborator, etc.) of MS CRM, the integration of portal pages in MS CRM to name, some of them

Happy programming, implementation, customization and modification. If you want us to do the work, call 1-630-961-5918, 1-866-528-0577.


The dark night of soul: gateway to the highest consciousness of a


"In the dark night of the soul, the glittering river of God flows".

– Sant Joan de la Creu

He was a Carmelite monk in the 16th century, Saint John of the Cross, who wrote a poem and a thesis entitled "Dark Night of the Soul." The text explains the mystical development of the saint and the stages to which he is subjected in his challenging journey towards union with God. Since then, the phrase is used for a cathartic trip of self-discovery.

The dark night of the soul is a profoundly disturbing experience in which an intense suffering occurs at a level that was not felt before. This despair can continue for days, weeks or even years. During this time, we may have feelings of being abandoned by God or the Universe, and we feel a great anguish and inner emptiness. Life may seem like it does not offer any guarantee, regardless of how many "good" people are outside. There could even be thoughts that they become crazy and that there is no way out, there is no way forward. There may be a lot of fear about whether the future will continue to be dark in this way. Dark night is not only a shorter period of life, but it is the lowest of the minimum, it is as if there were no way to hide or duck. The intensity of living misery is a background place where the individual can be seen insignificant, alone, empty, and defeated.

The most important thing to understand at this moment is that there is a deeper spiritual meaning to this situation. There is a hidden purpose. In these moments of darkness, the Divine touches and purifies us. Certainly, this can be difficult to see and that is why we need to seek help. It is very difficult for a human being to see the light on the dark night by itself.

The nature of human beings is such that it is often at the last minute, when things have reached an extreme point, we invite strength and endurance to do what is required for our own well-being and happiness. Therefore, it is not uncommon for some people to produce the dark night of soul. Would we hear otherwise? Have we heard completely until now when things went wrong? Thus, with the depths of the pain that carries the dark night, it becomes more difficult to escape from pain.

Tonight, we ask that we learn honesty. We are called to awaken to the truth of our self from shadows, or from imperfections, and it is shown that vulnerability is an expression of our most complete humanity. We can begin to see how we continually inflict pain on ourselves and on others. To achieve this, it is uncomfortable, but if we examine our thoughts and actions in an open way, it will be. Getting darkness in ourselves makes it much easier to embrace it in others as well. Therefore, love, given and received, is also made much more possible thanks to a greater acceptance of what is not love. Perhaps for the first time in this life we ​​begin to learn what is really Love, with a great L, which is.

The dark night has to do with personal acceptance. This is very difficult to do, but not impossible. As Carl Jung said, "the most terrifying thing is to accept yourself completely." But as we move towards the night, our pain can be understood and liberated gradually, and the truth of the divine eternal God can be given to the space to finally end.

The real despair in the heart of human beings is the feeling of separating themselves from all and of all, including, above all, God or the Universe. The dark night represents an opportunity to discover that there is integrity, a unit within myself, which even includes – and is dissolved progressively – these feelings of separation.

While we see the truths about our own shadow or pain, the ego begins to be relegated from its primary position. This relegation brings a great deal of anguish to a human being, since we have not known any other way of being until now. So far we have been ego. He has brought us life. You can feel pain and great sorrow for an identity that we begin to understand and now we have to let go. Since this darkness can only be without resistance, the torch of truth can put the ego in the spotlight, and we may see the impact of a "centered on me" life on ourselves and on others . He brings us an empty shell, without real substance, a life of second hand that lives on second-hand beliefs, forming a wall around us that makes us feel separated from each other and maintain a lasting love of ours as well. life

In this space of honesty we could experience a naive nothing, as well as a fear that arises because now there is no known or familiar path. Essentially, we face an unknown future, without ego (which does not work for us well, but that it is linked comprehensibly), and with our self, only and conscious. It is the experience of our own death in life.

The loss of ego or personality is the revival of an individual. The state of a "rebirth" can only get to die because of our conditioned thinking, be it religious, cultural, social and so on. The dark night can be the starting point of this transforming trip. And it occurs when we are prepared.

The recognition of our false personality (ego) is what is done with discomfort during the painful dark night. On the other hand, this could take much longer. Humans are likely to want an easy walk, and while a life lived from an ego-based mind is, in fact, a life of suffering, yet it is easy because it is what we know . Remember the phrase "the devil you know better than you know the devil." But in this case the "devil" you do not know is what will eliminate the need of all other demons. We are entering the place of not knowing, instead of everything we know, and weird that can feel, this is where we will discover the true self. If you could know your way to real and lasting happiness, most of us would be ecstatic now. That is why one of the best known books of Jiddu Krishnamurti is entitled Freedom From the Known, because the well-known (ego, beliefs, relative knowledge) does not provide the freedom and joy we seek. In fact, what we think and know are the blockages.

If we can summon our deepest resources of courage and resistance at this time, and allow the human ego to finally renounce, pain and fear will be replaced quickly by someone who is blocked by the ego. This is the peace and joy of our divine nature. Only if the harmful and insidious impacts of the ego are recognized in our own lives, a human being will take the difficult steps to make this go. Until we can assume the responsibility of our own actions and where they originate, we can not go to the momentum of reaching a place of no-ego. But only the loss of ego can lead to reality, God or the real self in a direct way.

The dark night faces us face to face with our own suffering. His message is: we can not know the light if we do not know dark. It is the space where we realize for the first time that life has been experienced in reality as suffering but that we have played a constant game of denying it. By becoming aware of the hidden and unsatisfactory experiences of our daily lives, we have gradually loosen these experiences, drama, despair and need (since in the end it is an attachment). This authentic way of life is not enough. The relief is huge. It is the mind that originates all our activities and is the contemplation and the liberation of the imperfections of the mind (ego) that allow the actions to become pure, clear and effective.

When you see the extent of the ways of controlling the ego for what it is, beliefs, concepts and judgments become gray. The one that occupies the place is an empty ship to listen and speak, in innocence, approach, honesty and spontaneity. Sometimes it seems that freedom is not really the freedom we had previously imagined; It is an alien sensation because there is nothing to talk about in an articulated way. The truth has a surprising way.

While things are seen in this new way, the world may seem crazier than was thought. But it is known that the mental hospital now seems that the world is perfect. Perfect in the sense that this is how it is. Universal laws are at stake and things happen like they do. How could it be otherwise? Discussing reality is a lost cause. There is nothing wrong. There is nothing to change at this time when you are alive. By saying this, it does not mean that things are necessarily beneficial or have to stay the same, but this is not good or bad. The "good" and the "bad" are now converted into zero values ​​and without any effect, compared to the brightness of seeing reality – the moment of moment – as it is. We do not stop taking measures to improve the world, but we do it from a place where we accept the results. The action becomes happy in itself without the ego that gives reasons, such as desperate ambition or the search for renown.

As the truth of our own self is observed, it becomes evident that the fact of crossing the dark brings us to light.

The dark night is the awake call that we sent to remind ourselves of our true purpose on earth. The dark night of the soul offers a dynamic that can purify the spiritual vision of a person and the resulting actions. It is, ultimately, a gift that reveals the true self and gives it back to a state of happiness without adulteration and without adherence that is intrinsic, though hidden, in all of us.


Ten commandments: the gateway to the spiritual world


Contrary to common perception, the key requirement of a religion is not God but beliefs and practices, which must be followed by its people. Many religions like Buddhism and Sikhism have no belief in a deity, but no religion has beliefs and practices. Practices are often called rituals in religion, as they are mostly mechanically followed without understanding it. It is often a question of challenging these practices very severely. These practices are treated in a sacrosanct way and must be observed at any price by their followers. Beliefs are usually in the nature of faith or trust in a supreme reality called God or Spirit.

An example of these beliefs and practices are the Ten Commandments that occupied the main place in the three great monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These commandments are

1. You will not have any other god before me.

2. Do not make a carved image

3. Do not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.

4. Remember the day of Saturday to keep you holy.

5. Honor your father and your mother.

6. You will not kill.

7. Do not commit adultery.

8. Do not steal.

9. You will not have to make false testimonies against your neighbor.

10. Do not overwhelm the house, the woman, the servants or the property of your neighbor

Hinduism also has ten decrees that are prescribed as doing and not (nyam and niyam) in the yoga system. They are nonviolence (in speech, thoughts and mind), truthfulness, not wishing for the richness of others, the non-accumulation of material possessions, abstinence, cleansing (from body, mind, 39; soul), satisfaction, meditation, personal study and sacrifice.

Buddhism also provides five commandments that are:

1. Refrain from taking life. (no violence towards sensitive ways of life)

2. Refrain from taking what is not given. (do not commit theft)

3. Refrain from sensual misconduct. (the abstinence of immoral sexual behavior)

4. Refrain from lying. (always talking about the truth)

5. Refrain from intoxicants

Therefore, each religion prescribes some practices that are sacred to its followers. These practices, if followed from infancy, are gradually internalized by the person and become their second nature. A person who does not internalize these commandments may not experience the spiritual happiness of religion.

What is common in all the commandments?

Commandments can be different in each religion and also different from each other, but they have a common theme. What is the common theme or the essence of all the commandments?

All commandments seem to have only one goal, that is, abstain or, at least, control the desire of the body and the senses and develop the faith. The orders provide indications that are quite contrary to the natural reaction or the basic instinct of the man. The goal of all commandments is to discipline the body and mind.

For example, the orders ask the person who does not steal or seek the wealth of another person. This means that you will have to resist the will to take the strength of another person. People who do not commit adultery are asked to learn to control their sexual desires. You are asked to be true and not lie, which means controlling the illegal and immoral actions, as they are punishable and punishment can be avoided telling lies. In the same way, the accumulation of wealth is prohibited to Hinduism in order to ensure that the person does not enjoy much sensual pleasure and physical comforts of the material possession. Respect for the elderly is demanded because it is not a natural instinct, while love for the child is a basic instinct that is present in all animals.

The other parts of the commandments ask people to develop trust or faith or believe in an entity that is not seen and unknown, that is, beyond the conception of the body and the senses, that is, of God. The physical representation of God in any way is also prohibited because a man can not idolize God for the senses.

Thus, we can see that all the orders ask people to rise above the body and the senses by means of the help to follow these beliefs and practices. What is the real objective of these commandments, which first analyze the attempt to torture the body and mind?

Discipline of the body

All religions believe that all living things are created from the synthesis of the body and soul. The soul is the part of the Spirit or the universal soul or God while the body is the part of the material world that has the components of the world. Therefore, it is believed that the body is the reflection of the soul in the material world.

According to Indian philosophy, all living beings are in the different stages of evolution. While plants are in the body stage, animals have evolved to the stage of the body and mind. Humans are at the highest level of evolution, that is, the evolution of the body, mind and soul. The fate of evolution is to achieve the state of the Spirit or of God when the person achieves salvation, that is, his soul becomes God and releases the cycle of life and death.

Christ said that man should not only live for bread. It is because the destiny of the man is not living only as an animal and he does not feel happy or satisfied only by the satisfaction of the senses and the body. Animals can spend their whole life just eating and surviving. Live to eat But the man needs a lot more. Search for spiritual development and its destiny is to achieve the spirit. It only eats to live.

Nevertheless, the spiritual growth always is limited by the desire of the body that always influences in the body and the mind to fulfill its physical needs. However, physical needs are such that it can not be fulfilled even if it acquires the world's realm. Therefore, human beings have a natural desire to evolve towards the next stage of spiritual evolution, that is, to move from body to soul. However, spiritual evolution is not possible if man can not restrict the body, the senses, and the mind. This mystery explains to Gita (VI 6) in the next verse

The man who has won the self (being physical, that is, the mind and the body) with the help of his self (superior self, that is, soul or spirit), his soul is self-friend . If not, the soul of the man behaves like the enemy of the self.

Thus, the key to the spiritual growth of a person lies in the discipline of the body and mind, following the prescribed commandments of religions, which helps the man to control his body and his mind.

Internalize the commandments

The mechanical observance of the commandments does not always lead to spiritual goals unless the spirit of these commandments is internalized by the person. Almost all the learning processes of human beings are based on physical action or rituals. You must start by following certain "predefined" steps until you can internalize them. When learning driving, first learn all the rules, but gradually internalize these rules to the extent that you do not even have to think before putting the brakes or pressing the accelerator. Your desire is directly converted into the desired movement of the vehicle.

The same goes for other things in life, whether you are learning a piano, like maths or swimming or walking. Start with some "standard" steps and, little by little, you will learn the essence or soul of your own self (soul).

In the same way, the commandments are the "standard" steps of spiritual growth. You can initiate these steps initially without understanding correctly and simply following it mechanically. But, gradually, it begins to internalize them. Soon these actions become their natural reactions. Once internalized, these steps can be followed naturally and instinctively. Thus, a spiritually evolved person is not distracted by the wealth of another person, since he loses the desire for accumulation of wealth. He does not have the desire to greed his wife or commit adultery. The spiritual evolution is complete when all the commandments are so interiorised by the person that all actions flow naturally.

Why be spiritual?

For a normal person, spiritually it can represent a boring and boring life without any emotion and pleasure. Most people can question the need to be spiritual. What do we gain to become spiritual?

The fact is that you have no choice. All men and women are destined to evolve in the direction of the spirit. Spiritualism is the natural destiny of man rather than a matter of choice. Man suffers from life because he ignores his spirit and hears his body. All crimes and pain in this world only exist for this reason. The man's desire to relinquish body comfort and sensual pleasure brings him to the level of animals he has evolved. Evolution is a process in a way and can not go back in time, just as man can not be a child again or an old man can not be young again.

Therefore, unlike another animal, man does not achieve happiness even after obtaining everything he wants. His destiny is to become one with God and with all his creature. He can not avoid the suffering of the pain that exists in the body of others, since all beings have the same spirit. He can not help feeling sad when he sees the pain, injustice and suffering in this world. This desire is not there in animals, it is even more natural even in the lowest and humble of the man. A tiger can happily kill an unhappy animal without pain or fault and eat it, but a man feels the pain even seeing this cruelty in this world.

The journey to evolution towards the spirit goes through the stage of the soul. Here the person finds the truth "inside" and not "without". This is also known as the stage of enlightenment, since the person is able to discover his true self or his soul. He is able to understand the whole world from the knowledge of the self. At this stage, the person can jump to the final stage of the evolution, that is, of the Spirit when his identity is immersed in God or in the Spirit .

The importance of ten commandments

The ten beginnings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam or the commandments of other religions are, therefore, the means to achieve the illustrations, that is, the knowledge of the self and evolve as a soul . The commandments are not the end by itself, but simply a means of spiritual evolution. Therefore, the real meaning of the commandments can only be known if the person performs this journey of spiritual evolution and achieves enlightenment. One who only feels and reflects on it by logic and reason can not find any meaning. A famous Indian Sufi Suf Kabir has said correctly

Jin Dhodha Tin Payiya, Gahare Pani Paith,

Main Modhak dekhat Bhaya, Raha Kinare Baith

One who sought, he found the God, when he was submerged in the deep waters (or spirit)

I like a silly thing that I only saw next, because I could not dare to fall to the water


How do typical payment gateway payment transactions work online?


Payment gateways are the devices that allow a merchant to accept the payment of goods or services that come from credit cards. The payment gateways allow the credit card information of the client to be transmitted to the financial institution that issued it.

Payment gateways are usually set to the store's starting point for the merchant. You will also find payment gateways available on smartphones for people who make mobile services. There are also versions of these payment processors that are established online so that customers can buy products from Internet vendors.

Normally, when a customer finds something on an Internet site that he wishes to acquire, there is a button that can push them, which says something like "send the order." The client's web browser can encrypt the data that is transmitted.

Once the merchant has received the information, he will send this information to his gateway. The information will be encrypted again when it is sent from the merchant to the gateway.

The gateway takes the payment information and sends it to the payment processor of the financial institution that issued the line of credit of the cardholders. The bank that issued the card will conduct fraud checks to make sure that the transaction is carried out by someone authorized to charge the account.

Once they have determined that the charges are made by a legitimate card user, the bank will check the balance and will see if the card has sufficient credit available for the purchase that is made. If everything is checked, the issuing bank will accept the transaction and send a confirmation to the merchant.

The lapse of time for all this to be done will be less than five seconds. Very in a few seconds.

As soon as the merchant receives the confirmation that the charges have been approved, they will allow the sale to be completed. All previous actions will take place again, but this time the merchant is waiting to get an answer that the sale has been deleted.

At the end of the day, the merchant will group all transactions in a single lot and send them to collect the payment. This is how to send an invoice to the business of the credit card that issued the cards that were charged.

At the end of the following business day, most card issuers will have settled the accounts with the merchant's financial institution.

The company that provides the equipment to read the letters will often charge you up to 2% per sale to allow you to use your equipment. This may seem like a lot of money to pay for the computer, but companies generally keep the processors and repair them or replace them with no additional charge. Providing companies often make sure that the equipment has the appropriate protection programs and systems included, so that you legally protect the information that the owner gives you.


The website owner's guide to payment gateways


A new innovation caused by the growing level of online transactions, a payment gateway is a term for the provider of an electronic service that processes and approves electronic transactions.

In essence, payment gateways are the virtual equivalent of a payment machine with an electronic card that can be found in virtually all stores these days. They allow the seller to accept payments through debit and credit card and other forms of electronic funds transfer, quickly and conveniently.

But perhaps more important than any of these advantages is that any transaction carried out through this gateway is completely safe. We have all seen the small symbol of the padlock that appears in the lower right corner of the screen every time we use a website that uses a secure payment system – and it is intended to be a brand that means that the buyer can trust that his payment will reach the person for whom it is meant, and that the details of the payment method used will be encrypted so that no one sees them.

Therefore, if you are a retailer who considers that you have to place an online payment channel on your website, you should consider one that meets all the concerns that you should process during any normal transaction. Therefore, they cover aspects such as security, availability of data for your own analysis and compatibility with your existing e-shopping programs, such as your shopping cart.

Depending on the size and scope of your business, you can also include more sophisticated features, such as the ability to accept and process multiple currencies.

If you have a large proportion of regular customers, you may appreciate the possibility of accepting recurring payments from your customers. You can even offer some type of client account, so it can also be important that you can review the information on this topic and possibly your client can do the same.

Another consideration could be the proportion of payments you wish to make with a credit card. As with any retail operation, there are additional costs for a retailer to accept these cards. Therefore, by integrating this capability with your electronic payment system, you should consider whether your service provider offers you a separate merchant account with the business of your credit card or if you need to configure a .

And although in terms of fees, you will always have to verify that, as there are a lot of ways in which you can structure, you understand how much you pay for and what part of the payment service.

Of course, your payment gateway may need to be able to handle the return of customer payments, so you should check the ease with which you can make a reverse payment, as well as the costs that this implies.

A large amount of technology goes through the configuration and execution of a payment gateway, but, clearly, it is intended to provide a perfect transaction for your customers. Therefore, it is important that the fact of running a website that is as easy as possible to find and pay for what you want to buy, should be considered as a priority if you want your company to benefit from the revolution of the e-commerce


Penis Enlargement Exercises: The Gateway to a Complete Sexual Adventure


Want to have a bigger penis? Most guys would like to have a bigger penis if you give them the chance. Do not deny it, since it is a fact and it does not matter how many times you say that the size does not matter, but how you have used them, it still bothers you in secret. So if the top boys ask for it, if you want small or large. I doubt that you opt for a small penis because it is what the girls really want.

So to help you check your dream of having a larger penis, the following information is as follows: Penis enlargement exercises that will be useful and fully effective.

· JELG Exercise: this is the first method of penis enlargement exercises that you need to learn and master well. It is an exercise that requires that you constantly remove the penis with both hands, similar to masturbation, but be done differently, as you will move away from you. It originated in the Middle East and was discovered around the 5th century. JELG's technique is so popular because it is so effective for the growth of its penis.

· Penetration: an exercise similar to the first exercise discussed above, but slightly different, in the sense that you do not really need to use both hands to obtain the desired effect. Therefore, it is easier and more comfortable for men to practice.

The penis extraction exercise technique allows you to reconstruct the penis tissue constantly by breaking it off. The process may seem complicated, since you have to repeatedly break the tissue so that the blood can flow freely freely to reconstruct it. However, it works well to make your penis win a few inches faster.

· Exercise of KEGEL: it is an exercise that helps to make your penis grow even for a few centimeters. The process includes the use of a hand towel to make it more effective as you perform the procedure for this exercise.

By making the penis enlargement exercises a real success, you need to eat nutritious and essential foods. The diet is and will always be part of any program, whether it's losing weight gain or even the natural growth of the penis.

To make sure that all these penis enlargement exercises work the way you expect, you should be careful about what you eat, as this can affect the growth of your penis. The proper diet of vegetables and meats is as important as penis exercises or any other similar exercise you need to look good and feel good in bed.


Comprehensive list of the best payment gateways in India


Internet has put the world on a pedestal governed by technology; The e-commerce sector is no stranger to this culture. As the fashion of the virtual world takes the world temporarily, there are many similar companies that move their businesses on the Internet.

With ecommerce websites that are paving the way for an important development, there are many companies that are committed to offering secure billing opportunities to their customers. How is it guaranteed that online transactions are transported safely, without the hassles of broken payments and unsafe money transactions?

The answer is quite simple; E-commerce stores and other virtual stores often choose payment services to carry out their daily financial transactions, so that the flow of money from customers to sellers is well protected.

Instead of this thinking, take a quick look at some of the best payment gateways in India.

Best payment gateways in India

· Payzippy : Property of Flipkart, Payzippy is one of the payment gateways that can be used by Indian retailers. Despite being owned by Flipkart, Payzippy is an independent entity, which provides services to a list of elite clients. Merchants can use the services of this payment gateway without incurring any additional configuration fees. Fortunately, the annual maintenance fee is also very low, which makes it one of the best paying services in today's India.

PayU India : PayU is a global payment gateway company owned by Naspers. As a global brand, it has presence in countries such as Hungary, Russia, Poland, India and South Africa. Companies like Jabong and Snapdeal use PayU as a gateway gateway. With a global presence and various customization options to choose from, PayU is another good option for Indian retailers to consider in the long run.

· CC Avenue : CCAvenue is called incorrectly the name of the market, especially with regard to different payment services. With 85% of Indian brands that use the services provided by CCAvenue, there is a broad market share that is owned by the payment group. With a series of services that the company offers its merchants, there are many offers for loyal customers.

· Payment of citrus fruits : Last but not least; Citrus Pay is currently one of the main candidates for the payment service community. Despite having only three years of age, the company has won, without a doubt, enough recognition that is worth mentioning. Owned by Satyen Kothari and Jitendra Gupta, Citrus has simplified the way people buy online and made the payment structure easier and more efficient.

These were some of the major brands that could be considered in the list of the best payment services in India. There are some young payment gateways such as Oxymoney, which can also be considered within the perimeter of the best payment gateway in India. What do you choose today for your company?